Before begin. Where i stay is a rural area., cell phone signal reception is a nightmare. 1 bar or no service, the best i can get is 2 bar. After a long searching for a solution, trial and error. Discover this simple solution without purchased a expensive 3G signal booster. Here the guide to build one from household items.

DIY 2G/3G/4G wireless cell phone signal booster is a home-brew booster which uses common household items. This DIY can improves the signal of cell phone signal inside your house, from 1 bar to full. You need to build 2 unit, one indoor, one outdoor, both unit is similar and simple to build if you follow this guide, but i take few hours to R&D. I name it, LauC2 antenna. Before we start, safety first wear protector eye glass and safety gloves. When you see the bold text, is special for people want details instruction. This project can build using material you can found, finished LauC2 antenna have to 80% like the photo. Primary objective is E GSM 900, 2G signal reception. You need at least have cell phone signal coverage at outside your house for this antenna to function and working, 1 bar signal strength or come and gone.

Use the phone as usual, not wired. No wire connected to your phone.


First get all this items from your house :

  1. iron wire from clothes stand / wire coat hanger, [double check using a magnet is iron], 2-4 mm iron wire. Or you can get iron wire without paint coating to improve efficiency.
  2. two piece extend electric cable connector block, 20A [if any]
  3. common cable TV cable / coaxial cable / satellite TV cable, 30 meter good quality coaxial cable , no cut and joined.
  4. wire cutter
  5. pliers
  6. screw driver, 3-6 mm phillips screw drive and slot screw driver.

You can found all this items at your nearby supermarket, hardware shop.

Step 1: Start Building antenna, LauC2 antenna

Look at the drawing. First section we going to build is the 3G antenna using the iron wire from the clothes stand /wire coat hanger, the black color drawing. Not necessary to remove the paint coating.

Straiten the clothes stand wire / wire coat hanger with pliers [ i using hand ] and bend it 4cm at the corner about 45 degree.

  1. Then measure 8cm from the bend and bend inwards at 90 degrees.
  2. Then measure 9cm from the bend and bend inwards at 90 degrees.
  3. Then measure 9cm from the bend and bend inwards at 90 degrees.
  4. Then measure 8cm from the bend and bend inwards at 90 degrees.
  5. Last bending is same as the first bland 4cm about 45 degree where install extend electric cable connector block, insert the connector block to the ends of the both end of the wire and tighten it.

All wire is connected inside the connector block. The 4cm area, clean/remove the clothes stand / wire coat hanger shield [paint coating]. You have to use the wire cutter to cut the wire. Build 2 unit. One clothes stand enough for building 2 unit this kind of antenna. Maybe take you 1-2 hours or less.

Next step is the wireless antenna, the orange and yellow drawing. This section we need to use the common cable TV cable. So first cut off the plastic jacket about 15-20 cm length, depend on the center core round / turns , if you planning for testing the center core round / turns, maybe good idea about 20cm. depend on the center core round / turns diameter. Now you can see the [metallic shield] like a spider web, cut off this metallic shield and look at the drawing again, the red line is the metallic shield to be installed. No waste. Just twisted down the metallic shield become a wire without cutting [cut it if too long ]and fit into the connector block at the red line and tighten, not necessary a U shape. Then back to the cable, cut off the dielectric insulator carefully, we need the center core for building the wireless antenna.

Back to the drawing again. About 5cm from the edge of the center core [ or start at plastic jacket edge depend on the length of center core ], we need to make 5 round / turns clockwise, E GSM 900 2G, we can do it using screw driver [ 3-6 mm phillips screw drive ], just bend the center core round and round / turns on the rod. Then straight the center core both area like the photo. Now we need to mount this wireless antenna to the 3G antenna. Look at the drawing how this done. Remember the edge of the center core wire have to joined the iron wire and tighten. Do not forget the red wire.

After some testing, B1-WCDMA 2100, 4G have to be center core 7 round /turns at outdoor unit, and center core 5 round / turns at indoor unit. Use your smartphone searching for the location have STRONG 4G signal to put the outdoor unit.

A good signal strength define is maybe a stable 3 bar 2G signal, not a unstable signal strength jump up and down too often. Probably take a while for getting the right place.

If you not very sure, just make it 7 round /turns at out door unit and 5 round /turns at indoor unit. If the signal strength still too weak, you can trial and error increase the outdoor unit the center core round / turns 1 at a time. 1 round / turns mean 1 complete circle.

So you need both edge [ cutting edge ] of the cable to be the wireless antenna. Better install the cable one end at the roof top or near roof top, open area. One end is inside the house, anywhere you like.

Completed assembly, both end of the TV cable have a finished LauC2 antenna like the photo.

When you finish building 2 unit of this antenna. One unit install at outdoor where you can get STRONG cell signal strength and the front [flat area] of the antenna have to face vertical to cell tower, somewhere. Adjust the LauC2 antenna until you satisfied with the signal strength, test using your phone, recommended phone set to 2G for antenna adjustment purpose. Stay away from any wire mesh, object blocking, wireless device. Can put inside house window where can get good signal strength. if your house have lighting strike history, keep the antenna at secure location.

Now the indoor unit, anywhere you like where you want to put the antenna. Recommended at height area and open area for better indoor reception [ or center of the hall ceiling], and the location you always busy with your phone and keep distance with the wireless router. Just one condition, vertical or horizontal. Why? you asking? Take your phone, if antenna is vertical, phone also vertical getting strong signal strength. 2G signal always have better cell phone signal reception, tested device Nokia 1110i, 3 bar or full . Lumia 635 2G can get 3 bar signal. Moving too far away from the Lau2C indoor unit antenna, signal drop, tested 20-25m still have 2-3 bar. 1-3m i get full bar using Nokia 1110i.Smartphone always having poor signal strength.

Take off your smartphone additional phone case, some phone case really weakening the reception. If everything all right, you can dial out and received income call, even the phone show weak signal inside house, all phone carriers do have a free call customer hotline, dial the number and listen the audio quality.

The antenna no insulation part should not touching the wall or electric conductor.

If you want some dB value, enter Field Test mode on your smartphone

  1. Nokia / Windows Phone, dial ##3282#
  2. iPhone, dial *3001#12345#*
  3. Android, access Settings>General>About Phone> Network or Status

Closer the value to -50dB, better the signal strength

I've done like this............is this correct way.......?? I'm getting good signal outdoor but not in indoor I'm not able to detect any difference......!!
Hello, <br>Lau Han Ching........!!<br>Ive Tried in you're way but I'm not getting the signal is there any other method........?? R shud I try keeping in other directions r places n even my coax cable is around 2-3 meters will it work......???
<p>Hello,</p><p>i made it but no improvements in my home. I am receiving full signal at outside of my home. But no signal in home. So is there anything special I need to do to start it working ?</p><p>Anyone here made this antena and is it working ?</p>
Good day. What is the best Dbm gain did sir receive, from making this?<br>Regards
Thank you
U r a genius
<p>Thank You</p>
The main reason behind a weak mobile signal is interference: and there are several types of signal interferences. Basically what Mr.Lau has done here is increasing the no. of antenna between the 'receiver'(your phone) and the 'transmitter'(signal broadcast station). But it will only solve the problem partially. This antenna won't reduce the distance between your phone (R) and the signal tower (T). But it will enable the signal to use another route get to your phone. There for if I use several antennas having different kinds of setups (e.g: changing the no. of rounds, using copper cable or gold plated cables; changing the thickness of the wire, using coaxial cable with multiple cores, e.t.c); would I be able to maximize the throughput of a signal? (Also checkout: &quot; http://www.radio-electronics.com/info/antennas/mimo/multiple-input-multiple-output-technology-tutorial.php &quot;
<p>will insulated copper electrical wire work, or do you have to use TV cable?</p>
<p>just use what you can found.</p>
<p>Thanks, i will be try to make post you soon, I need this thing for cozen he live in village. </p>
<p>Awesome ibble Lau Thanks. I am going to try pairing your antenna with another build for using a satellite dish as an outdoor receiver. There is one already mounted to my house and wired in too. I will just need to see if I can aim it to gain any signal. My only question is: Do I have to use the connector block or can I just be sure to make a good connection between the wire and my inside antenna? Thanks again!</p>
<p>you can just be sure to make a good connection</p>
Sab kuch copper ka lagana hai na, mai pura copper ka lagai hu
<p>good idea, it is realy work </p>
Madhu ji sabkuch Aluminium ka nahi balke iron ka frame banana hai per wiring k liye coaxial cable use karni hai jo cable TV k liye use hota hai.<br>Abhi abhi ye article nazar se guzri, waise to kaam karna chahiye agar kaam nahi kar raha to phir someplace2go k mutabiq cmtr aur inch ka masla hai. Dikhne may bhi bara hai.<br>Try kiya to zaroor share karoonga.<br>Keep in touch.
<p>Sir,</p><p>i have been made 7 core for out door and 5 core for inter door but still con't get Neither 3G or 2G, here with attached images. please clarify . Thank u</p>
<p>from reading around in the web, I think my only solution would be a signal booster, because apparently, the frequencyof each type of wireless data is different, 3G runs on 900 Mhz, while 4G runs on 1200Mhz, and the coverage for each is different, </p><p>thank you for your post though.</p>
Still did not do what I was hoping which is better 3G data as I only get Edge inside the house and at the window I get H+. The dB value gets to -79. Can anyone help ?
<p>trial and error</p>
Will this antina work for 3g signal boosting from outdoor to inside room.....
<p>Yes. trial and error</p>
<p>Its not working????? please help....</p>
<p>trial and error</p>
<p>I followed all steps as shown in diagram, but no results...</p>
<p>maybe signal too weak.....</p>
<p>Some Questions..</p><p>1 Antena Can Be Any Size ?? Well Its Difficult to Cut the Iron Coat Hanger Wire.. (Must be Same Size On Both Ends ?? )</p><p>2. Normally in a good Signal Area i got around -85db value.. Will it be same here or not ??</p><p>3. The Tv Cable Wire and the Wire Of Coat Hanger Must be Touching Each Other in Connecter on Both Out and Inner or Only on One Side.. Tell please..</p><p>Thank you :)... i made a Small Piece with 8-8Cm and 9-9Cm with Thin Iron Wire.. But It Doesnt work.. as i also didnt joined the cable and iron wire.. will the joining them works ?? </p><p>Sorry For Bad English :).. m Not the Jhonny English :D</p>
<p>1. can bigger. <br>2. little bit drop <br>3. either one or both<br>4. the cable and the iron wire have to joined</p>
<p>For a rural area with low connection, will this work only if the signal is good outside, but poor inside? I am curious if this would do anything for a 4G router to a rural house, where the house's internet connection is through 4G. </p>
<p>trial and error</p>
<p>Its not working????? please help....</p>
<p>also can become WiFi repeater too. Just ping too long.</p>
so the two units are connected via the TV cable? I make on for outside, and one for inside - and connect via the TV coax cable yes?
<p>apka anteena ban gya kya ?</p><p>kay wah kam kr rha h ?</p>
<p>For reasons unknown to me the antenna works for vhf too.</p>
<p>is more.</p>
For those who may like to try this out, you may also like to refer to this..<br>http://nightuloo.heck.in/files/cellphone-signal-booster.pdf
<p>Nahin...abhi tak complete nahi hua hai....</p>
Kya apka antina taiyar ho gya ?
Mera ghar gao me hai yaha sirf idea ka hi 3g aata hai wo bhi room se bahar ya chhat pe room me aata hai par aata kam jata jyada hai koai rokne ka upay hai ki jo singal aa gya wo usi pe tika rahe ?
To phir ye aap k liye helpful saabit hoga agar aap all steps exactly follow katen aur iss ko babane me kaamyab hojaayen,<br>Agar aap ka koi electrical ya electronic kaam karne waala hai to vus ki madad len wo aasaani se banadenge.<br>Hope this may help you. <br><br>Wish u success.
Iss ko banane me
Aapna whatsapp number bataiye ?
Yah mere samjh se bahar hai ab, kya apka antina kaam kar rha ?
<p>Yeh 5 step lagoo hai dono antenna banane ke liye.. Aap 1 se 5 follow keejiye.... aur uske baad jo bhi hai.</p>
Isme 4 step tak dikhaya gaya hai, aur sab me alag banane ka tarika hai to kaun sa step wala banana hai 3g boosting ke liye, kya apka ban chuka hai antina aap use kar rahe aa raha achha signal.
<p>Cable ka jo tar aata hai usme copper laga rahta hai.. yehi copper cable dono antenna ko jorega... upar chath mein aur apke ghar ke andar..</p><p>antenna jo aap banayega woh sirf loha ka he kaam karega.. chumbak se test kar leejeyega. Aaapko sirf...</p><p>1. TV Cable tar chahye.. lambai dekh leejega</p><p>2. Connector 2 pc. jo ke aapko electrical dukan mein milega.</p><p>3. antenna banane ke liye loha ka tar jo aap hanger ka bi istemal kar sakte hain.Lekin aluminium &quot; nahin hona chahye. &quot;</p>
Yah jo light ke liye khambe me laga hota hai iron wah hai kaam karega kya?

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