Introduction: DIY 3-D Printer Servo Robot (BarnabasBot)

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3-D print your own little robot that can be driven by 3 standard 9 g hobby servos. This is a great tool to introduce kids to robotics. You can drive your robot using littleBits, Arduino, Raspberry PI, LEGO Mindstorms -- or anything that has a servo motor controller! All the 3-D files are provided!

Materials required:

  • 3 x 9 g Servo Motors
  • 6 x #2-1/2" Screws
  • Super glue
  • Electronics to drive your servos (littleBits, Arduino, Raspberry PI, LEGO Mindstorms, etc.)

Special thanks to:

  • Christine Su for the CAD work!
  • Evan Woolery for the concept design!

Step 1: The Body

Picture of The Body

Download the "robot body" STL file and print them out. Put the servo motors into place. The motors should fit right into the mounting holes.

Step 2: Fasten the Servo Motors

Picture of Fasten the Servo Motors

Use 6 x #2-1/2" servo mounting screws to fasten the motors to the body. No worries if the screws are a little longer or shorter. Make sure to feed your servo motor wires through the hole at the bottom of your Barnabasbot!

Step 3: The Back

Picture of The Back

Download the "robot body back" STL file and print it out. This will be the back of your Barnabasbot. You can glue it on.

Step 4: The Arms

Picture of The Arms

Download the "robot arm left" and "robot arm right" STL files and print them out. Once printed you can fit them on the servo motors. They are designed to stay on via press-fit.

Also remember to print out 2 x hands (See "robot hand" STL file). You can attach the hands to the arms using super glue.

Step 5: The Head and Final Assembly!

Download the "robot dome head" STL file and print it out. Fit it onto the top servo motor and you are good to go! Now connect your servo motor connections to your favorite servo controller and bring your robot to life! See how many yoga poses you can make Barnabasbot do! :)


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