Well, this is my first instructable :D, here I'm going to explain how to do a 3.5mm jack, this method is dirty and takes some time but it's cheap... hope you like it :)

What do I need?

- a glue gun
- standard size staples (or something similar)
- soldering iron
- solder
- some cable cover where the jack fits softly (in this case the cover is from an utp cable)
- scissors (or something to cut)
- small cables

Step 1: First Steps

well, basically the 3.5mm stereo plug uses 3 contacts, it can be seen clearly if you look at the tip of the plug, but what we need to know are the physical measures, I've made some ugly drawing of it, check it...

looking from the tip to the cable there are...

1mm insulator (aprox)
3mm (aprox)
1mm insulator (aprox)

what ends in about 1.5 cm long...
let's cut 1.8 cm of cable cover.

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