DIY 360' Rotating Display Stand for Photography / Videography





Introduction: DIY 360' Rotating Display Stand for Photography / Videography

Learn how to make DIY 360 Rotating Display stand from cardboard at home which is USB Powered easy science projects for kids which can also be used for product photography and 360 video preview of that product to post on your websites or even on Amazon, eBay, Flipkart for selling art objects, sculptures, art, lego star wars, lego stand etc

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▶Materials Used : -Cardboard Sheets -ball bearing [medium size] -100 rpm dc motor -on/off switch -USB cable -sharpie/bid size markers -hot glue gun

▶Just follow the step by step instructions in the video and have fun by trying out by yourself !!!

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Step 1: Take a Medium Size Bearing ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 2: Remove the Cap of the Sharpie Pen ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 3: Stick to the Bearing As Shown Using Hot Glue ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 4: Stick 2.5 Cm Cardboard Strip Around the Bearing ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 5: As Shown in the Figure ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 6: Take a USB Cable ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 7: Cut at the End and Separate the Wires in It ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 8: Cut the Black and White Wires Present in It ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 9: Connect a 50 Rpm Dc Motor and a ON/OFF Switch As Shown in the Figure ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 10: Cover the Wires Using Wire Tapes ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 11: Stick a Small Piece of Gluestick on the Top of the Shaft of the Motor As Shown ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 12: Take a Circular Cardboard and a Small Strip of Fine Grade Sandpaper ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 13: Stick the Sandpaper at the Circumference of the Circle As Shown ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 14: Stick the Bearing Portion As Shown in the Figure ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 15: Place the Sharpie on the 25 Cm Square Piece of Cardboard ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 16: Place the Dc Motor to the Sandpaper As Shown in the Figure ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 17: Cover the Whole Portion As Shown ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 18: Add a Circular Cardboard Shaped Stand on the Rotating Floor ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 19: Place the Main Big Circle Floor As Per Your Requirement ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 20: Cover the Top Surface With White Paper ( REFER VIDEO )

Step 21: And You Are Good to Go ... This DIY Project Is Complete

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