An early construction of a 36V 20.3Ah 10s7p. High density battery pack, with a finished battery high total energy density aim.- energy density: 540Wh/L- specific energy: 215Wh/Kg.- 70Amax continuous capabilities- 140Amax burst apabilities- BMS with balancing function (25Amax cont 40Amax burst)

You are truly an incredible talented and fearless individual. Any chance of getting u to build one of these for my ebike?? Let me know. I dont have the expertise, nor the proper tools to perform such an advanced procedure, plus I dont want to end up dead trying this....Thanks
what's it takes to charge this?
<p>Wow. That is a heavy duty battery pack.</p>
<p>yes, thank you :)</p>

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Bio: We like to create, custom battery packs and electric vehicles. We share our experiences to inspire others!
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