DIY 3D Perler Darth Vader





Introduction: DIY 3D Perler Darth Vader

This instructable is for a Voxelized Yoshi you can make your own from perler beads, hama beads, nabbi beads, or any type of melty beads. You can watch the video and follow along if you like.

(Please credit me should you use or manipulate this pattern. Please be respectful and don't mass produce or sell the finished product) since I do not own this character. Thank you!!!


Step 1: Gather Materials & Download Your Pattern

Materials needed:

Superglue (Loctite)
Ironing paper
Pegboards: 1 square and 1 hexagon or circle
Beads Reg & Mini (Colors list in file download or photo above)
Books (used for weight)
Exacto Knife (for mistakes)

Download your (Darth Vader Pattern)

Step 2: Start Beading and Iron Out Your Layers

I do the highest number before the max my iron uses. For my iron it is number 3
I like to iron each one separately on the middle of each board

your choice (I think it melts more evenly)

For the last 3 layers the cape separates to the body. So I separate the cape layers to one board

After you Iron out your layers make sure you add weight so the layers won't bend, usually this doesn't happen but the more beads the more chances your layers will bend.

Step 3: Ironing Mini Beads

After you make your mini bead details, Iron them in a lower temperature setting on your iron.
(I use number 2 on my iron settings.)

Step 4: How to Glue

The Darth Vader photo patterns are already placed the exact way the character should be glued

once you preview your photo just press the right arrow and compare photos

By memory or dry erase marker, mark the corners of where you will be placing the pattern over.
the photo above shows an example of how I watch what I glue.

Do this after gluing every layer

Step 5: Glue Your Layers

All you need is one drop of glue on each bead you stick


  1. Remember to take your time, superglue is very hard to take apart
  2. Align the layers with your fingers
  3. Apply lots of pressure to each layer glued (be careful where you add pressure from)

Step 6: Add Your Mini Bead Details

When you add your details make sure you use plenty of superglue but don't glue your fingers of course XD

for the light saber I like to iron the hand, be very careful not to glue your ironing paper! then glue your your saber.

Step 7: Made Mistakes?

Step 8: All Done! Hope You Like Your Darth Vader

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My Yoshi turned out looking more like Vader, very strange...

how did that happen? I do have the correct file pattern download I just checked.

half the instructable is yoshi and half is Darth Vader, its rather confusing.

It was only the FAQ/Trouble shoot part that used the old Yoshi tutorial to show you how to fix it. The tutorial was done, then it was explained how to fix things.

Very nice! Another great perler bead sculpture :)