DIY 3ft. Halfpipe





Introduction: DIY 3ft. Halfpipe

my instructions for this half pipe will be as clear and precise as possible.

please comment if you dont have an account just make one it's awesome!

this is good to refer to.

Step 1: The Foundation

if your planning on using this on level cement you wont need to use this step.

for on the grass select a somewhat level aria of ground.

plot out a rectangle that is 8 ft wide 20 ft long.

level it all out make some footers out of bricks the bricks should in the ground so the half pipe will also rest on the ground but the bricks help it a ton.

It's very important that it will be level when it's done. and stay level for a long time.

Step 2: The Transitions

follow the pictures and the notes on the pictures. :) and happy building.

Step 3: Finish the Transitions.

for an eight foot half pipe you need to cut every board 3 ft 11 inches!!

pic 1 in all you need to make 4 of these!

pic 2 do this to each frame

3 you'll end up with 2 of thees.

Step 4: Flooring

you build the final large piece in this step.

you can build this part as long as you want but it sa to be 8 ft from side to side.
mine is 4 ft.long ,yours can be 6 or so but I wouldn't go over that.

the cross beams have to be 7ft 9in.

Step 5: Construct

arrange your built stuff like this and ,put a 3 inch screw every red dot alternating in directions.

they might be hard to get in you might want to take off the closest beam to get your drill in there.

Step 6: Surfacing

the surfacing.

you will need 6 sheets of 1/4 inch ply wood.

and 1 sheet of 1/2 inch ply wood if you are using the 4 ft. flooring witch I think you people with small pocket books should use.

Step 7: Copeing

the coping is the grind rails that go in the notches I told you to cut.

Some people use big bolts that will go all the way through the wood and then use nuts and washers to hold them in place. ***recommended***

big wood screws would also work. *Works*

Step 8: Platform Gaurd Rail.

coming soon.... just look at my quarter pipe instructable it has a nice one but it would be wiser to fully enclose it.



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What thickness ply are you using to cutt the transitions from

Approximately how much did this cost you?

hi just wondering can i leave this out in the winter is it waterproof?

about how much did this cost in all?

I (with the help of my uncle) built a 4ft quarter pipe that was so sturdy that you could probably drive a car over it, and it would be fine. I was think of building a half pipe in my woods, but was also thinking of adding in things like stairs and grind rails to build a mini skate park. Any suggestions on how to go about this sort of thing?

Sure! first draw out what you want, then get google sketchup and start making some plans :D you'll have to play with google sketchup for a but before you get it. but it will work great.

how much did this cost you?

yo so i got a question. how many 2x4's will i need for this if im making it 4 feet wide. also when i put the 2x4's on the plywood how do i screw it on? into the edge of the ply? and lastly what size screws work best 2 or 3 inch

2 or 3 inch will be fine might go with both and use the 2inch for the surfacing and the 3 inch for the frame. when you screw the 2x4's in you just go right through the ply wood. if you wanna spend some money on metal hangers be my guest. I'm sure they help.

well if 2x4s are 8 ft long you'll need 15, 16 just to be safe.