Step 6: surfacing

the surfacing.

you will need 6 sheets of 1/4 inch ply wood.

and 1 sheet of 1/2 inch ply wood if you are using the 4 ft. flooring witch I think you people with small pocket books should use.

<p>Approximately how much did this cost you?</p>
<p>hi just wondering can i leave this out in the winter is it waterproof?</p>
<p>how do u cerve the flooring?</p>
about how much did this cost in all?
I (with the help of my uncle) built a 4ft quarter pipe that was so sturdy that you could probably drive a car over it, and it would be fine. I was think of building a half pipe in my woods, but was also thinking of adding in things like stairs and grind rails to build a mini skate park. Any suggestions on how to go about this sort of thing? <br><br>
Sure! first draw out what you want, then get google sketchup and start making some plans :D you'll have to play with google sketchup for a but before you get it. but it will work great.
how much did this cost you?
yo so i got a question. how many 2x4's will i need for this if im making it 4 feet wide. also when i put the 2x4's on the plywood how do i screw it on? into the edge of the ply? and lastly what size screws work best 2 or 3 inch
2 or 3 inch will be fine might go with both and use the 2inch for the surfacing and the 3 inch for the frame. when you screw the 2x4's in you just go right through the ply wood. if you wanna spend some money on metal hangers be my guest. I'm sure they help.<br><br>well if 2x4s are 8 ft long you'll need 15, 16 just to be safe.
aah, idk, i would so much rather trust someone who has actually built one, not just a person who thinks he knows what to do, i mean, yeh, the plans look legit, but just how legit are they?
he did it right for the most part, the outcome is up to u tho
He did a good job thinkin what to do, ive bult manny ramps in my day and one of my greatest ramps was a mega ramp i bult in vegas.The first half was a 6ft on one side that went in to a 6ft street spine then to another 6ft&nbsp; quarter then bult in to the side was a 4ft box jump with a giant wall ride on the side of the box jump and after the box jump we set up a 4 pack of dirt jumps... it was a master piece lol
dude, Insane! You pwn!<br />
To me this is a huge ramp though lol.
&nbsp;How do u bend the wood<br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; -M<br />
It's only a 1/4 inch thick so it's easy to bend just put your weight on it and screw it on a&nbsp; screw at a time.<br />
&nbsp;cool thx.<br /> <br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;-M<br />
I'm planning on making one, but i live in a place where its super humid and it rains so so much and its really hot. do i have to do anything on the surface? cause in the other tute, the website with the video in it, it says to use skatelite, which costs a BOMB. is there any other alternative? cause i live on the other side of the planet and wood does not come cheap. so i wanna make sure it doesn't get wrecked easily. the tute awesome by the way!
hmm.. well I don't know for sure. but if you put tar paper under and over the first layer of the surfacing it will prevent a lot of water from getting in. then if you weather strip the wood and paint it it will help a lot.<br /> <br /> Sorry for the late reply.<br />
can u use a bmx bike on this
yeah but you might want to make a bigger one it's tougher to make it bigger ,but if you have the general knowledge of how it all works it's easy to do whatever you want with it.
Thanks. I'm going 2 build it with my friend.
sweet! if you need any help just ask.
Do you use marine plywood for the surface if u r building it outside.
yeah you should just use whatever will hold up best in the weather. also when your don't you can put water lock on it and paint it every year to keep it most healthy.
what's the point?
There be not any knex in one instructable, so be there not also knex in the key terms.
nice, i like the way it is so simple. I might take up skateboarding some time... i also like the way that the sun moves in the early stages of the video :D
about how much does each transition weigh, if A don't know can 1 person movie it/
I'm sure 2 people could pick it up from the sides and have no trouble hauling it off. I've see people put wheels on the back so you can tip them over and roll them around that might be a good idea. Each transition would prolly be about 100 lbs.
how much did this cost?
I have never build one but my estimation is around $500 - $800 dollars if you want an exact price. figure out how many of every thing yo need in order to build this then get the prices from your local wood buying place.
cool. I think I will make this for my class 9 woodwork project (the school buys the first $100 worth of wood)
Awesome, my dad and I were going to build one but found no good instructions, now I have some on my favorite website 4.5*
nice you're lucky! I want one so bad.
Yea but now I think i'm going to wait to next spring to do it.
that is a good idea. :)
I'm very tempted... nice graphics!

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