I know paper origami is not uncommon.Many bloggers have showed different beautiful origami.My instructions are not indifferent.But it's uses in our life is different.for example,I showed banana origami as a multipage bookmark.I hope you will enjoy these instructions and try it..
1.Love bookmark
2.Banana multipage bookmark
3.Dual color heart bookmark
4.Emergency notebook

Step 1: 1.For the First Bookmark,follow the Instructions Showing on Picture-

I have used wrapping paper for this.

Step 2: 2.For the Second Bookmark,follow the Given Photo Instruction.

This can be used as multipage bookmark.

Step 3: 3.Follow Given Photo Instruction for the 3rd One.

Step 4: 4.Follow Given Instruction for the 4th

Step 5: 5.you Did It !

<p>i cant made it ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh</p>
<p>i cant made it ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh</p>
<p>These are pretty cool!</p>

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