DIY 4 Foot Video Slider for $15 in 15 Minutes


Introduction: DIY 4 Foot Video Slider for $15 in 15 Minutes

Need a sweeping video shot in a hurry? With less than $20 (assuming you own a Pico Dolly or similar) and a few minutes you can screw some rails down to a board, drag a camera across a four foot span and produce a dramatic shot. Motorize the rig (check my other video on how to do that and you have a super easy, fast, decent video slider. You'll see how to build it, and some fun green screen shots with an iPhone and a Canon SX50. A great DIY project for those without a lot of tools, space, or untapped skills. You'll need a 4 foot board at least 5.5 inches wide, two 4 foot closet door guides, two metal T braces,  four bumpers for chair legs and some screws. A Pico Dolly can be bought off Ebay for less than $45 and is too complicated to build for that price. Go to a dollar store for some mini-tripods to mount the rail, or use any support with clamps, or just sit it on the ground. If you don't do the motor you can pull the dolly with an elastic band to stop any jerkiness, but you'll need to practice. Still, it's fun, cheap, works surprisingly well, fits in your car and weighs almost nothing. A great project for someone without a workshop, special tools or technical skills.



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