Introduction: DIY 4th of July Hair Pins!

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Hi everyone! with the 4th of July coming up, I wanted to share another cute DIY hair pin video with you! I already have been wearing these non-stop! I love how they turned out and I hope you do too! Share yours with me on Instagram using #SweetBlyssDIY

Step 1: Materials Needed

  • bobby pins (I prefer the longer ones)
  • felt flowers (any color will do)
  • felt (you can match your hair color or keep it simple with white)
  • star or other embellishments!
  • glue gun
  • scissors

Step 2: Making Felt Strips

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  • Measure your felt with the bobby pin, you want it to be smaller then the pin so it does not stick out.
  • Cut out as many as you need and slide them into the pin!

Step 3: Glue

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Glue your felt pieces, beads, flowers, and anything else you want to add to your pin onto the felt piece.

Step 4: Get Creative!

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Get creative and mix up all your designs. All of these are unique and they were so fun to make, hope you have fun too!

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ann onymous (author)2015-06-28

totally making them!

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