In this instructable i will show you how to make a hidden safe out of a large 6 volt battery. I will also show you how to make it give power to a light, even though it is hollowed out. ( that way you can prove it's "not fake")

Step 1: Parts

You will need:
Gloves, there will be acid in the battery
Tin Can
Wire Strippers
Large 6 volt battery ( dead )
Soldering Iron
Copper Aligator clips ( 1$ for 10 )
9 volt battery
9 volt battery clip ( 1$ for 5 )
Metal Sheers
Tape ( scotch or electrical, electrical will be faster and stronger )
If you use scotch tape:
Black acrillic paint
Paintbrush or Sponge
Wire Stand ( or something to hold the wires in place )
 the paint made it look really fake.no offence,good idea,but not executed very well.
just out of curiosity... why are you turning a 6V battery into a 9V battery? This seems like a good way to shorten the life of whatever you are connecting to it. You could easily achieve 6V output by using 4 AAA batteries and not compromising your storage space by very much. Otherwise, a great Idea!
Even more of a concern is the casual thief who tests all your batteries with a multimeter. He'll see that it's putting out 9V and know something is up.
Also very true, but this is meant to be stored in a very messy place, that is hard to notice it. I'm just wondering, do you know many people that will carry around a multimeter with them? :)
You mean like me? ;)
Yes, and they are quite unscrupulous.
not at all what i was getting at... but however you turned my comment into an a$$holism. thanx. be nice policy is only directed toward the author.... right? I thought i was pointing out something important, but you showed me that i was wrong. please continue to be perfect jake! sorry for existing
It was a joke, calm down.
I meant in no way to disprove your comment. I honestly wish I could have used 4 AA's, so please be proud to exist and live. As a robot I have only theorys on what it is like. Also, where did you get the name jake?
True, you could use 4 AA batteries, I would have done that, but I am lacking parts.
Typo, meant try
Please try one with an opening at the bottom, let me know how it works, I think I might TTY that when I find another battery.
"To the casual observer it will look normal," Not without the classic Duracel "copper-coloured top". I like the use of power in this to disguise it, but the finish isn't that good, you might have been better opening it at the bottom? L
True, it doesn't look very real, I was looking for some paint to mix up, but I couldn't get the color right. You could use a different brand, or find some paint at a hobby shop. I'm posting an instructable on making one out of the standard size 6 volt, which is simply a matter of removing the top. I will probably have it up today

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