DIY 60w, Portable INVERTER


Introduction: DIY 60w, Portable INVERTER

Hi, this 60w home made portable inverter. Inverter are of 2 types mainly square wave and sinewave. The design discussed here is a 60w square wave inverter.

Step 1: Working Concept and CIRCUITRY

The design here is using an astable multivibrator (also known as free running oscillator) as oscillator for generating square wave pulses at a calculated frequency , The square wave pulses generated from low power 2n2222a transistor are fed to N-CHANNEL MOSFETS for amplification of power. Finally the generated AC POWER is fed to the 12v side of power transformer and stepped up to 220v or 110v ac (as per your country specification).

Step 2: Materials Needed

1.Transistor 2N2222A - 2pcs
2.1uf capacitor - 2pcs
3.12k Ohm resistor -2pcs
4.680ohms resistor 2pcs
8.12v 7.6ah battery
Misc. Switch, plugs, wires, etc.

Step 3: Reference Photos for Setup

Photos for reference

Step 4: Video



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    15 Discussions

    good idea ... please respond >>> can be more power ???

    ex 500 - 1000 watt


    5 replies

    Yes for more power like 500w use 25Ampere, 12-0-12 transformer and a 12v,100ah battery. 680ohm resistance should be of 1w. For more stable output use an ic 555 astable multivibrator.

    this design is suitable for 60w no need to change any component.with 7.6ah battery and 12-0-12 transformer you can get 60w,no need to change anything. my new video, making a simple touch sensor circuit, touch sensitive switch using NPN.

    Hi, thanks for watching, but I don't know why you are unable to download Pdf, may be your device doesn't have Pdf converter software, or you can contact instructable on that problem because Pdf download services are provided from the side of instructable servers, and not from the author's side. check video