DIY 72 LED Macro Ring





Introduction: DIY 72 LED Macro Ring

About: I have a background in telecommunication and digital electronics, and am very interested in computers and photography.

Macro led ring with 72pcs of regular leds. Filter size: 72mm

With step Up rings can be used on any type of lens (52mm to 72mm)

Total current drain ~ 1.2Ah at 5-6V, (4xAA battery or rechargeable or 6V DC adapter)

Very lightweight: 76gr, battery holder with 4x AA inside 152gr

The circuit is designed to have two phases of light, full or half.

Ideal for super macro photography.

SCH and PCB you can download here: macro led ring

Home page:  APCC DIY



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    Anyway you can send me a circuit board or tell me where to get one?

    where can i find the circuit board, or how can i make myself?????