DIY 9 Volt Battery Connector for Free





Introduction: DIY 9 Volt Battery Connector for Free

Usually cheap 9 volt battery connectors that you can buy are flimsy and don't last for long. Here is a way to make yourself a battery terminal that will last. Oh, did I mention it's almost free?

You will need:

* dead 9 volt battery
* pliers
* sharp knife
* soldering iron + solder + flux
* red and black wire
* a piece of heatshrink tube
* a thin ziptie

Step 1: Rip Apart a 9 Volt Battery

Take the pliers and rip apart a dead 9 volt battery you have lying around. You'll get a piece of plastic with terminals on it.

Step 2:

Using a sharp knife punch two square holes in the plastic

Step 3:

Strip and tin a couple of wires. Preferably - black and red. Note the polarity - the red wire goes to the "crown like" terminal.

Step 4:

Solder the wires to the terminals. Watch the polarity! Don't overheat while soldering, plastic tends to melt rather quickly.

Step 5:

Put a piece of heatshrink and heat it with a soldering iron or a lighter

Step 6:

Carefully bend the heatshrunk wires back and tighten a ziptie thru the holes you made earlier.

Now you have a proper 9 volt battery connector.



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    So i did this project becuase i was upgrading an r/c car from 1.5 v to 9v and i did it all but had one qestion, were u suposed to reverse the polarity or keep it the same. Also the battery's were heating up, does any one know what that mean?

    Just be carfull not to puncture the battery

    I ripped out mine from the bass guitar. Weekend saver!! Tnx

    If you dumpster diving at radio shack they throw away 9 v all the time

    Great tip. Saved us a trip to the store!

    thanx 4 share :) will do it for sure!

    Great idea. Never thought of it. Would have saved me from buying them. Thanks for posting!