Introduction: DIY 9 Volt Battery Connector for Free

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Usually cheap 9 volt battery connectors that you can buy are flimsy and don't last for long. Here is a way to make yourself a battery terminal that will last. Oh, did I mention it's almost free?

You will need:

* dead 9 volt battery
* pliers
* sharp knife
* soldering iron + solder + flux
* red and black wire
* a piece of heatshrink tube
* a thin ziptie

Step 1: Rip Apart a 9 Volt Battery

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Take the pliers and rip apart a dead 9 volt battery you have lying around. You'll get a piece of plastic with terminals on it.

Step 2:

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Using a sharp knife punch two square holes in the plastic

Step 3:

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Strip and tin a couple of wires. Preferably - black and red. Note the polarity - the red wire goes to the "crown like" terminal.

Step 4:

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Solder the wires to the terminals. Watch the polarity! Don't overheat while soldering, plastic tends to melt rather quickly.

Step 5:

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Put a piece of heatshrink and heat it with a soldering iron or a lighter

Step 6:

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Carefully bend the heatshrunk wires back and tighten a ziptie thru the holes you made earlier.

Now you have a proper 9 volt battery connector.


yankeesat1 (author)2017-10-29

So i did this project becuase i was upgrading an r/c car from 1.5 v to 9v and i did it all but had one qestion, were u suposed to reverse the polarity or keep it the same. Also the battery's were heating up, does any one know what that mean?

Rayregula (author)2016-10-25

Just be carfull not to puncture the battery

DanielZ25 (author)2016-04-29

I ripped out mine from the bass guitar. Weekend saver!! Tnx

Game players (author)2016-04-19

If you dumpster diving at radio shack they throw away 9 v all the time

svesce (author)2015-12-27

Great tip. Saved us a trip to the store!

hmuhammad1 (author)2014-01-13

thanx 4 share :) will do it for sure!

sctirvn687 (author)2013-08-07

Great idea. Never thought of it. Would have saved me from buying them. Thanks for posting!

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