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Introduction: DIY 9V Battery Clip

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Hi, people!

In this instruct able I will show you how to make a 9 volt battery clip out of... a 9V battery :)... and some wire.
So, let's get started, shall we?



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    very useful and creative. thanks man.

    you can get 2 things, 9 batteries and the clip thanks for that

    really nice project definetively one of my top 10's becouse i can always use a coyple of 9v clips :) thanks for posting this

    great inventive idea

    Nice instructable and quite inventive. I will retrieve a few of the 9 volt'ers from the hazardous waste can. I can always use a few battery clips. Excellent!

    Instead of cutting the case apart you can just fold apart the top edges like i did in mine, that way you are able to save the case for an enclosure for other projects. nice post tho, i like all the pictures

    Those "AAA" batteries that are in those, are not quite as long as a AAA, and the polarities are backwards, the little bump, is the negative side.

    Yeah. they are "AAAA" (quadruple-A). Thanks for noticing ;)