Hi, people!

In this instruct able I will show you how to make a 9 volt battery clip out of... a 9V battery :)... and some wire.
So, let's get started, shall we?
filip743218 months ago
really nice project definetively one of my top 10's becouse i can always use a coyple of 9v clips :) thanks for posting this
primeq2 years ago
great inventive idea
razvan_iycdi (author)  primeq2 years ago
cobourgdave3 years ago
Nice instructable and quite inventive. I will retrieve a few of the 9 volt'ers from the hazardous waste can. I can always use a few battery clips. Excellent!
joshmt20123 years ago
Instead of cutting the case apart you can just fold apart the top edges like i did in mine, that way you are able to save the case for an enclosure for other projects. nice post tho, i like all the pictures
razvan_iycdi (author)  joshmt20123 years ago
batman963 years ago
Those "AAA" batteries that are in those, are not quite as long as a AAA, and the polarities are backwards, the little bump, is the negative side.
razvan_iycdi (author)  batman963 years ago
Yeah. they are "AAAA" (quadruple-A). Thanks for noticing ;)
I was just wondering if you actually ever tried putting them in your tv remote.
They are shorter, you have to use some tin foil to make it work, and the polarity is backwards from normal the little nub is negative.
razvan_iycdi (author)  batman963 years ago
Yes. They are good for emergencies.
gzaloprgm3 years ago
The mechanical stress moving the wires will cause eventual fails. Maybe embedding the connector in hot glue can solve it...
liquid electrical tape
5 minute epoxy. Just a dab will do ya.
razvan_iycdi (author)  gzaloprgm3 years ago
batonas3 years ago
did the same thing a while ago, I used heat shrink to cover it up.
razvan_iycdi (author)  batonas3 years ago
nice idea. I didn't have any shrink wrap tho.
What is the "reflow method"?
razvan_iycdi (author)  4lifenerdfighter3 years ago
The "reflow" method is when you re-melt the solder. So you make it flow again. You solder the place where you want the wire, in this case the contact circle, and then you solder the wire alone. Then you put them both together and you re melt the solder so it sticks.
Clever idea and Nice photos. I like how you used the image note function for the steps. Thanks for the share!
razvan_iycdi (author)  audreyobscura3 years ago
diy_bloke3 years ago
good, but i think i would have used on black and one red wire
razvan_iycdi (author)  diy_bloke3 years ago
That's a good idea. I didn't have any black wire so I just made one of them longer.