DIY 9”x13” Casserole Warmer/Carrier

Picture of DIY 9”x13” Casserole Warmer/Carrier
Last year, I got one of these for Christmas. I had seen it on Pintrest, so it already was on my, “when I can get to it” list. A friend saw it when I delivered a casserole to a funeral dinner recently.  She wants written directions on how to make one as a Christmas gift.  If I am going to write a pattern, I might as well write an Instructable while I am at it.  So here is how to make your own 9”x 13” Casserole Warmer/Carrier.
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Step 1:

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1 – 12” (30cm) length of double quilted material (got beige color)
2 yards (180cm) of 1” (2.5cm) wide strapping (this is 100% nylon)
10” (25cm) hook and loop fastener (used what I had, pink)
Thread (in a complimentary or contrasting color)
Sewing machine
Straight pins

Step 2:

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First trim off the excess batting on each edge of the quilted material. 

Step 3:

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Then pin down the edges that you just trimmed.   Pin down each half of the hook and loop fastener along the same edge 

Step 4:

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Casserole Carrier5.JPG
Casserole Carrier6.JPG
and sewed them in place, being sure to sew down the edges that are not held down held down by the fastener.

Step 5:

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Next, I melted each end of the strapping and the zigzagged the ends together to make a circle.  I used a straight pin to determine where the halfway point on the strap was.

Step 6:

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Casserole Carrier9.JPG
Next, I determined where the center of the width of the material and were the center of the length were located, by folding them in half and marking each place with a straight pin.  Do all this on the inside of the carrier.  The straps will be carrying a the weight of the casserole filled dish, so I centered the sewed edges on one center line and then halfway point about 1/3 of the way from the  hook and loop fastener covered edge.  Pin the 2 parts of the strap down from edge to edge of the material and then sew them in place, sewing long each edge of the strap.

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