Step 4:

<p>Increible! creativo y visionario, muy buen trabajo Sr. Arrieta, inspirador ademas.</p>
<p>That looks EPIC!</p>
<p>I can see the Moonbeam resemblance. It looks really nice. </p>
<p>very nice creativity sir!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
<p>Hola ozy. Esto es increible! Realmente tienes un don. Espero que tu o alguien otro continue de desarollar este concepto. El mundo necesita esto. Y admiro tu confianza y coraje de compartir este instuctable. No nos ensenyan casi nada en la escuela desde ninyo hasta graduemos, como que construir, reparar, hacer cosas. Por eso la gente discuten mucho la gramatica porque es todo lo que hacen sentirse inteligente. Pero te entiendo como escribistes perfectamente bien. En realidad, es refrescante leer y oir la idioma expresado en otra manera. Quiero aprender mas para ser capaz de crear algo como hiciste aqui, Combinar, cortar, cambiar los carros viejos en carritos bonitos. Quizas con moto electrica con placas solares. El motor de gas es muy complicado. Demasiado piezas, componentes. Gracias por compartir!</p>
Love you micro-car. Absolutely! and Congratulations.
too cool! I love that lil' car.
How did you link and balance the brake system?
ozy, <br> <br>Congratulations from Guadalajara on your project. How much does the finished car weigh? Do you know of anyone in Guadalajara who is interested in cars like yours? <br> <br>Stan
Hello, stankoprowski, the ozy microcar weight 320 kg, but should weigt close to 250 kg. because this is the original , whit front vw suspension . <br> anhoter one whit production parts from my molds and the new front tubular suspension an anhoter modifications shure 250 kg. <br>and i dont know nobody who is interesting on a car like this or says something about,
You are amazing that has got to be one of the coolest things i have seen in a long time. I love it, thanks for sharing. I hope to make my own micro car soon. Thanks for the inspiration. :)
start anytime. <br> If you so desire could give you some tips, starts analyzing R Q Riley projects and check out the moonbeam also to give you an idea of &acirc;€‹&acirc;€‹what you build, Greetings Sincerely,: Charly Arrieta
Congratulations ! !<br> Featured and Front Page on your First ible,&nbsp; Wow !!!!<br> <br> Expecting great things from you :-)<br> <br> A
many thanks for posting your attention to my istructable, more people have asked me about the microauto ozy, it is very pleasant for me to answer your questions, greetings.
Hi, Thank you for posting your instructable. I took a couple of seconds to edit your introduction. See below: <br> <br>This is a DIY micro-car. It is really a homemade car you can build from scratch, by recycling old parts or by using all brand new parts. It is fun to drive, and this platform could be modified to work with bio-diesel, gas, electric, or hybrid power sources due to its low weight, small size, and amazing new body design. <br> <br>In this photo you can see the finished project. I decided to build this as a three-wheeler so it could be registered as a motorcycle to avoid a lot of legal restrictions. This car was inspired by the Moonbeam built by Jory Squib, a good friend of mine. I take a lot of tips from him. This is only a guide to show you that it is possible to make your dreams come true. You can see an interview of me, (Charley Arrieta) and my car, at this link:
This is a picture of the finished car. I have a lot of satisfaction in being able to say, &quot;I am driving the car I want.&quot; because everyone else drives whatever car they can afford from among the limited choice available in production cars. I'm sorry for the short comments. Anyway, please feel free to ask a question or add your comments. I apologize for , my poor written English. Thanks a lot. I hope this will encourage other people to follow their creative instincts. <br> <br>Sincerely, Charely Arrieta, Mid-Florida Technical Fiberglass Certified Technician.
Hello my friend Benwade, thank you very much for taking the time to edit my comments, as have the opportunity and will copy the dialogs'll post photos of DIY instructable a microcar.
That is a very cool car. <br>Great work!
thanks for your comments ApocalypseV.
Hi, <br>What a great looking microcar and a great simple intoduction to vehicle design/mechanics. <br>I like the use of readily available parts. Take a VW axle &amp; steering rack, add motorbike and build frame. Could be a good starter project. <br>VW beetle axles are not so common here in the UK as people either restore old beetles, turn them into beach buggies, or they've rusted away to nothing. <br>I'm sure there would be another vehicle that could be used though. The Fiat Cinquecento/Seicento/Punto's seem very cheap to get hold of second hand. <br>I'd love to see a little more information on the frame dimensions and mounting points, although I guess it depends onthe axle/stering rack and motorbike to a big degree. Peraps even how the electrics are set up. Also whether there's a reverse gear, or how you go about reversing. <br>Pehaps you could collaborate on an instructable with someone who can help make it easier to translate to English for you. <br>Thanks for sharing this great example with us. Would love to make one someday.
Hi, Nemesis ,<br>Thanks for your comments about Ozy microcar.<br>a response to your questions:<br>firs i think you have to check this &quot;moonbeam microcar&quot; on google<br>this more simplex to build is similar but this will give you an aidea what are you looking for , the mounting points depend on wich donor part will you use this for.<br>you can cut, add meke it bigger or smaller like you wish.<br>or check too &quot; r q riley &quot;<br>microcar selling plans. <br>anyway if you want to build one like this, this has no reverse, is part of the fun is an extremly lightweigt car some times i used all day and only is question to relearn to drive a &quot;no reverse car &quot; check this tooo. i will try to answer all your answers.<br>The some day could be today.<br>did you notice something?<br>there is no need a transxlator &iexcl;HURRA&iexcl;<br><br>Charly Arrieta.<br>From Mexico
Hi Charly, thanks for the reply.<br>I an understand your instuctable without you needing a translator, I was just thinking that if you were to create a more detailed document with specific/critical items then it may save you a lot of time and ensure accuracy if you collaborated. For example, if you were taking about an element of the vehicle that was critical for safety reasons I would hate for the importance of it to not be understood.<br>I have looked at the Moonbeam and R G Riley's pages many times and love the different ideas. I particularly like the Phoenix, but I was thinking of using a 4x4 chassis from a long wheelbased vehicle, running on Biodiesel, to create a go anywhere camper van.<br>I was only suggesting some more details on your frame dimensions etc so if someone wanted to use the same compnents to make a similar vehicle they could use your frame design knowing it will fit.<br>I do love the idea as I used to own a large camper van and wanted to tow a small car behind. Once you set up the camper van somewhere it's very difficult to then drive off to the local shop to get supplies. This would be a great solution.
From now on can we please kick of jerks that are unable to look past grammar and capitalization formalities in order to see the bigger picture? Was that a run on sentence? Come on people. This man made a super awesome little car, and then took to time to post it for us in his non-native dialect in order that we may enjoy it and learn from it. Unfortunately all many people can do on the internet anymore is act like psychotic grammar school teachers and tear down people who where only trying to help. People who do this have no place on this website.
Hello, JeremyA , Thanks four your comments and to take the time to check my microcar proyect. <br>I'm agree whit you about your comment , we need to know about proyects and ideas around the world, to see wat is happening, to mesure what we are doing and share technology and ideas, from people around of world, . <br>not everybody is a great, writer, but could have something to show, but if the gramar could be afraid to non-native people , maybe not will share wiht us their proyects, and i will like to see proyects from everywhere, <br>but anyways i still tryng to correct my write , bye. <br>Is so good to have a &quot;be nice&quot; comment policy.
awesome microcar
On top of that you, write a whole lot better in English, than I would in spanish. ;)<br>
I also like the Moonbeam, but think this is a better car. Very brave to post this in English, which clearly is not a language you are very comfitable using. I think you and this car are an insipation to all use car nut interested in Micro/Scooter cars. <br><br>Well done Charly Arrieta! You are a hero!
Hello, KDI the moonbeam was an inspiration i use to be in comunication whit the moonbeam autor jorry squibb , but since two years ago i have not response from him, i use the roof idea, like he said in his website instructions , and many others from many cars from 50's &amp; 60's bubblecars and rqriley instruccions, thanks for your comments.
sound great i made a pedal car wodeen and fiberglass , please send me a picture of yours, regards.
Is there a youtube vid of the vehicle being driven? That would be nice!<br><br>Great Build !
Hello, Syrus I uploaded a short video about this microcar runing on highway <br>check this please and send your comments, bye
Looks nice, runs good as far as I can hear. :) nice 4 stroke sound.<br>How about a sporty exhaust, to make it sound more ballsy?<br><br>once again, Great build!<br>
Hello , Syrus. <br>do I prefer a smoot and quiet exausth sytem at this now the OZY have a leak exausth on pipe tube i will repair at soonest posible, thanks to be alert to my e- mails or replys , bye
Ozy, this is awesome. Very creative, and well thought out. I like how you combine your own elements while developing ideas from other vehicles, adapting it all to meet your needs. I hope we see more. <br><br>And good job not letting people complaining about caps or spelling get to you. Any adult can easily understand what is written without problems.
Hi, odiekokee, <br>Thanks for your comments, <br>that really is to satisfy all my needs, <br>its amazing how i use dialy for. <br>spending only 1 dollar- fuel . <br>I will sending a video, <br>the next year the hibrid, working wiht biodiesel an solar cells will be finish. <br>If I let the people obset me obout my way of spelling I havebeen doing nothing on my life, <br>and thats is nothing comparing with my way to drive and dress, je, je <br>bye, odiekokee thank for understand.
It's a shame that your excellent instructables is ruined, just by the fact that your keyboard doesn't have an Caps Lock button like 99.999% of the keyboard. Ah well..
Upssss, until now i got it caps lock, the way to write wihtout minors and mayors, sorrry is not problem, <br>some times is dificult to write in 4 difernts idioms and difernts cultures, <br>&iquest;is this the way to write? <br>on my keyboard i hve not Caps Lock button , but Bloq May do i have, <br>so long no write in english... <br>thanks to my friend for the grama lessons. <br>the next week i will change the instructable text.. <br>bye.
Generally in english, when someone write in CAPITAL LETTER, it mean that they are /mad/shouting/crying/...<br> You don't need to change the text. But at least, you know for your future project ;-)<br> Your microcar is awesome, I wish I had the resources and the willing to make one!
Yes, not everyone can be an expert pro born knowing everything. Lets be sure we tear them down and attempt to make them feel bad so that we can feel better about ourselves. <br>
My point was not to make him feel bad, I was just pointing it out so he know for the future. Thanks, now I feel bad about it. Oh the paradox..
Paradox easily solved. His was a mistake of innocence, yours seems much more maliced sarcasm, with nothing to gain. His response proves it, your sarcasm was lost in his not understanding, which is funny because it leaves you standing alone looking like a jerk. Why even bother to post just to tear down a talented creator. Would have thought a &quot;pro&quot; would understand such a thing.
I think you are just too intelligent for us. You are looking too deep in the matter!
Thanks for the comment, anyways i will change because i dont want to offend to anybody, and maybe could'nt understand, i came from anhother culture <br>is on this blog are so many gentle people. <br>For other wise, what happened whit my americans friend if want you cant what <br>resources are you talking about, the limit in on the mind, <br>I'm a litlle mexican in a economical develoment country. <br>The limit is no limits. now is more easy , i have alot of pictures,plans, <br>list of materials, suplyers, and &quot;molds&quot; <br>thats mean plug and play. <br>the hard work is done. <br>Bye.
Nice little car, what kind of speed can you get out of it ?
Hello, tanks, for ask. <br>Without especial equipment , bigger tires and soound equipmet I can get 80. km/h. <br>No doubt. <br>
sorry i understand formal english only <br>thank for your comment, if you could be more especific , would be great &iexcl; <br>i'm not american lenguage native.
Crossfire was sarcastically expressing his extreme dislike of caps-locks text. You may wish to avoid using caps lock in future posts - for some reason, its use tends to infuriate much of the internet community.<br><br>This is an interesting design. I'm curious to see it in action - do you have any videos you could upload of its driving performance, or be able to give more details on some of the design aspects?

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