Need a battery holder in a pinch? Make your own with a few bits from your junk drawer.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Adhesive glue squares



Small scrap of copper sheeting

Step 2:

  1. Strip wires at both ends about 1/4 "
  2. Poke two small holes in the end of the match box and insert the wires, bending to hold

Step 3:

  • Cut the copper sheet in the following sizes
    • 2 @ 3/8" x 3/8"
    • 1 @ 1 1/4" x 3/8"
  • Cut the glue squares so that it just covers the bottom of the copper bit on both 3/8 " pieces and place over the wires to the bottom of the matchbox (make sure that you don't interfere with the copper and wires making contact)
  • Place the larger copper sheet on the opposite end with a glue square

Done! Now wire it to your 3 volt projects as needed!

<p>nice :) thank you</p>
<p>aluminium foil is almost as good and much cheaper</p>
<p>Awesome Jugaad ! ;P<br><br>&quot;<i style=""><strong>Jugaad</strong></i> (alternatively <i style="">Juggaar</i>) is a colloquial <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hindi-Urdu" rel="nofollow" style="">Hindi-Urdu</a> word that can mean an innovative fix or a simple work-around&quot;</p>
<p>A useful phrase, thanks for sharing it. Here is the <a rel="nofollow">pronunciation </a>of it.</p><p><a href="http://www.forvo.com/word/jugaad/" rel="nofollow">http://www.forvo.com/word/jugaad/</a></p><p>BTW good work Warriorlibrarian</p>
<p>Simple and cheap but great build....</p><p>Very interesting!!!</p>
Great idea to use a match box! Every electrician needs too know this! It's easy and cheap! Great idea!
I'm sure every electrician know basic electricity.
<p>Not EVERY electrician, unfortunately. I can name ONE that needs to go back to school. But there are probably rules against my naming him here. More's the pity. I'd actually be doing a public service.</p>
<p>It is maybe low cost, but for something that cost less than a buck I don't know if would to make such an effort. Even if it was made but 3D printer it also waste of time and money.</p><p>If do you want to upgrade your item?! Make the bettery case from wooden matches, it would be look much more creative than this one.</p>
<p>I suppose you could attach the wires to the corresponding wires of a solar garden light and use it as a solar battery charger. Thanks for the 'ible. Simple and efficient.</p>
<p>I like this both as a hack and an instructable. I say this because as a hack it is cheap and effective and as an instructable, it showcases something that is not only cool but can also be easily incorporated into all of my own projects. </p>
nice and very simple cheap ..can b easily made...

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