Introduction: DIY AIR RIFLE

powerful air rifle made at home. with pump wood rubber band and tube. easy and fun.



Check out how to make dart out of matches


you'll need all these materials. and tools.

bike pump, I used this one.
Beto PU300 Mini Pump

wooden plank
rubber band
metal tube
hose joint
cable ties
electrical tape

and tools

Step 2: Cut Wooden Rifle Base

draw a template of desirable shape of your rifle on wood and cut it out with jigsaw.

Step 3: Add Side Rails for Pump to Slide Correctly When Reading.

with hot glue, glue two side rails as shown. for pump to slide back and forth when reading.

Step 4: Cut the Tube and Make a Barrel.

if your tube is too long cut it to desirable length and attach hose joint as shown with electrical tape. and attach barrel to your base with some tape and cable ties as shown.

Step 5: Attach Pump to Base

take your rubber band and pierce it through pumps handle so you got equal length bands on both sides. then find something that slides and fits on pump. then attach pump to base as shown. so you are able to move pump back and forth. check out my video for more detailed information.

Step 6: Load and Shoot. !!!

load your rifle with bullet. it can be berries or anything round that fits your barrel. I used nail and cones shaped paper as a dart.

Step 7: Have Fun

have fun. but be careful. don't hurt anyone. this rifle is powerful and can do some serious damage. I am not responsible for your actions. :)

step by step video tutorial how to make this. like share and subscribe.

Step 8:



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    You should make another video of it in action, since the shooting sequences were quite short.

    Looks very cool. I'll be making it soon!

    dude you should make a scope instructable

    thank you all for your feedback. means a lot to me. make sure to check out my YouTube channel. DIY ZE I upload every week and you'll find lots projects that you might find interesting.

    I don't promote shooting animals, I personally made this for entertainment purposes only. but I guess if you had more rubber bands in assembly it could.

    what tools i mean a drill cnc or lathe come on be more spisific

    Nice! Sounds fun, for sure going to make. :D