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Introduction: DIY Acrylic Canvas

This is a quick project to decorate the house, without any complication! This project is ideal to do it with your kids, so they can take part in the home decoration!

All you need is:

-A canvas: any size that fits your needs

-Tape: paper tape is the easiest to work with, as you can attach and detach it quickly

-Brushes and acrylic paint. Choose your favorite colors!

Step 1: Tape It Like You Mean It!

This is the only step you have to do before painting:

Tape the canvas with lines that cross each other and make shapes, leaving blank spots where you can paint.

Then, just paint the gaps with the colors you want. You can also create textures by adding different brush strokes.

If you have kids, or feel like getting your hands dirty, use your fingers, put your handmark on it, be creative!

After this, you only have to let the paint dry overnight, remove the tape, and you are ready to go!

Let me know if you liked the project, and share your results in the comments (either here or on Youtube!)



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