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A paracord bracelet is a great accessory for use in survival situations and for everyday wear. In this Instructable, you will learn how to make your very own adjustable paracord bracelet.

Step 1: Measurements

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Begin by measuring the circumference of your wrist. This will determine the amount of paracord you will need. For every inch of circumference, you will need a foot of paracord. However, for extra comfort, I recommend that you add 0.5 to 1 inch of extra length to your bracelet.

Step 2: Materials

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To make the adjustable paracord bracelet, you will need the following materials:

i) 2 14 inch lengths of paracord for the inside strands

ii) Paracord for the actual weave

-If you have e.g. 7 feet of paracord, cut off 1 foot of paracord. If you have 8 feet of paracord, cut off 1 foot, etc.

-In the end, you will have two pieces of paracord, one of them one foot long.

Step 3: Tools

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The tools you will need are:

i) A lighter

ii) A pair of scissors

Step 4:

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First, find the halfway point of the longer piece of paracord.

Step 5:

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Then, match up the two 14 inch strands of paracord and look for the 3 inch point.

Step 6:

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Bring the halfway point of the long piece of paracord behind the 3 inch point.

Step 7:

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Start weaving the cobra stitch. Bring the right strand across the two centre strands and under the leftmost strand.

Step 8:

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Then, bring the left strand under the two centre strands, forming an 'e'.

Step 9:

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Finally, pull the left strand through the loop from underneath and pull to tighten. You have woven the first cobra stitch!

Step 10:

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Weave the same stitch again, but this time on the opposite side. Begin by bringing the left strand across the two centre strands and under the rightmost strand.

Step 11:

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Then, bring the right strand under the two centre strands.

Step 12:

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Finally, pull the right strand through the loop from underneath and pull to tighten. The second cobra stitch is complete!

Step 13:

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Continue weaving until you reach the desired length (length of bracelet with 1 inch taken away).

Step 14:

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Trim the ends of the excess paracord and melt the ends.

Step 15:

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Trim off one of the strands on one end of the weave and melt it.

Step 16:

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Bring the remaining strand across to the other end of the weave.

Step 17:

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Trim off the strand that gets in the way.

-Be VERY CAREFUL not to trim off the wrong strand

Step 18:

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This is what you should end up with.

Step 19:

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Match up the bracelet on your wrist and take note of the length without the weave (this was hard to do and take a picture of so I used a drink can instead).

Step 20:

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Remember the other shorter piece of paracord? Find the centre point of that and bring it to the top of the two strands.

Step 21:

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Weave the cobra stitch all the way to the bottom. This weave doesn't need to be too tight so as to allow the inner strands to slide smoothly.

Step 22:

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Check if the size is correct. If it is, trim and melt the ends.

Step 23:

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Finally, trim the two adjusting strands to the same length and tie a simple knot at the ends.

Step 24:

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Trim and melt the excess.

Step 25:

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The DIY Adjustable Paracord Bracelet is complete! The bracelet is simple, functional and looks amazing. I made a watch strap using the same concept and it turned out great too. I hope you will be able to make one too!


SpinninJenny (author)2017-05-13

This is a very well made Instructable! I've bookmarked this to try soon. Thanks for all your detailed photos! I think I'll be able to make this in a daintier cord for the girls in the family.

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