Introduction: DIY Altoids Catapult

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Step 1: Equipment

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You will need an Altoids tin, duck tape, binder clip, 3 rubber bands, scissors, and a plastic spoon.

Step 2: Attaching Binder Clip

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First you cut duck tape 2 times as long as the tin then you fold it and put it down on the bottom of the tin. Next place the binder clip down on the sticky side and put duck tape across the side facing you.

Step 3: Cutting the Spoon

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Now cut the spoon down to a size that fits into the tin.(you might want to sand the spoon's end to prevent injury.)

Step 4: Attaching the Spoon

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Wind the rubber bands around the spoon and the binder clip.

Step 5: Finished Project

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This is the finished siege engine. Hope you like it :)


kalaquin (author)2013-05-12

Next weekend I'm planning on making another instructable

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