DIY Amplified Speakers for Your MP3 Player





Introduction: DIY Amplified Speakers for Your MP3 Player

There are quite a few instructables out there on making your own speakers for your mp3 player... and most of them don't use an amplifier! Without an amplifier you will barely be able to hear the music coming out of the speakers.

Here I will show you how to make your own stero speakers with amplification!

Video here:

Step 1: Gather Materials

Here are the materials used:

Cardboard box - used as speaker housing, you can choose something more elegant
Drill bits - used to drill some holes
Two speakers - I chose a pair of generic 8 ohm ones lying around
Soldering equipment
Hot glue

Here are the parts for the amplifier circuit:
1x protoboard
1x TDA2822M amplifier IC
2x 100uF capacitors
2x 470uF capacitors
2x 0.1uF capacitors
2x10K ohm resistors
2x 4.7 ohm resistors (I used 3.3K and it worked fine)
IC socket
Misc. connectors

Step 2: Build the Circuit

Next step is to build the circuit. I used a TDA2822M amplifier and the schematic shown in its datasheet. You can choose to build your circuit with whatever amplifier IC you choose.

Step 3: Build the Enclosure and Install Speakers

Now, put together whatever enclosure you want. I'm heading off to camp for 3 weeks tommorow, so I rushed and chose this... cardboard box!

Next I used hot glue to glue the two speakers in.

Step 4: Test

You need to make sure you've assembled everything correctly. So test out the speakers!

The amplifiers will work up to a voltage of 18v. For testing I connected a small 4.8 volt rechargable battery.

Step 5: Put It Together

Now that it works, put it together. I used hot glue and double sided foam tape to put everything together.

I used a drill bit to drill the hole for the audio in.

I changed the power system to 6 AA batteries in series, so that at camp I could just replace the AAs instead of bringing a battery charger.

Step 6: Drill That Hole

I'm no audio expert, but you need a hole in your speaker system to let the air out.

Step 7: Add a Bottom

Finally, I added a cardboard bottom.

Step 8: Done!

You're done!



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    Hi, I'm new in this DIY thing and I dont know if 1/4 or 1/2 watts should i buy for my capacitors and resistors. Can someone help me

    Usually with electronic devices such as preamps/amps, you can get away with 1/4 Watt components. They don't draw much current.

    Where can i put potentiometer ?? instead of 10k or 4.7 ohm resistor?

    you can put a 1K-10K potentiometer between each the left and right channel of the input cable putting either terminal 1 or 3 connected to the left or right input channel and putting the other terminal to ground while connecting terminal 2 to the input of the circuit. This would create the resistance bridge from the audio input straight to the circuit as long as you make sure to connect one potentiometer on each of the left and right channel and make sure that terminal 2 in the one connected to the rest of the circuit. You cannot replace the 10K or 4.7K resistors because those resistors are part of the actual amplifier circuit and would change the operation of and may even cause issues with the rest of the circuit and cause a short.

    Keep in mind this way, that I did it, means you will have 2 potentiometers, one for each the left and right channel

    ive already placed potentiometer on that amplifier

    But thanks for answering :D

    How many Watts are your speakers?

    10W 4Ohm
    But amplifier cant give more than 3W (or 5W) in bridged configuration

    What Wattage are your speakers rated?

    My IC got overheated and fried after three songs. Was wondering if you had to add heat sink or fan to circuit?

    I want to know that how much volts are you using in the capacitors cause i bought 470uf of 16v and 100uf of 25v is it okay will it work please tell me how much volts you have used in the capacitors so i should replace them