Step 6: Paint & attach knobs

Picture of Paint & attach knobs
You can prime and then paint. Or buy a paint that is primer and paint in one and do two thin coats (this kind of paint is for bathrooms I think but a girl at Home Depot recommended it).
Do not paint the sides of the drawers or the inside of the chest because it's already a snug fit without layers of paint.
I used a color called "West Coast Gray".
Let it dry overnight.

Attach the knobs:
Screw them in where you left a space between trims on each drawer.
LibbyLu3 years ago
That is such a great little table and you've inspired me in so many ways!! Thanks for posting!
builddoll4 years ago
Looks nice!! But to be sure it is properly sealed you should use an oil based primer. I work with paint and we looked in to the primer/paint and it does not come up to snuff. Acrylic primer does not seal wood. if there is any sap left in the wood it will bleed through the water based paint and primer. So to make your projects beauty last prime with oil first then you can use any paint after.