DIY: Antler Mount Lamp

Picture of DIY: Antler Mount Lamp
This is a step by step instruction on how to create a unique antler mount that will double as a beautiful lamp. These instructions will combine a DIY lamp project with professional style antler plaque mounting techniques. Typical antler lamps are constructed of shed antlers from multiple deer that have no meaning to the buyer/builder. These instructions will show you how to take a single full set of antlers from one of your past hunting trips and turn it into a lamp that will have meaning and memories associated with it. It will also be different from all of your friends typical style deer mounts. Personally, I have never seen anyone mount deer antlers this way. This is an original idea I came up with myself and I was very pleased with how it turned out. I hope the instructions are helpful. If anything isn't explained clearly enough, feel free to ask a question in the comments section.
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Step 1: Tools and Materials

Sawzall or other type powered saw (jigsaw or bandsaw)
Wooden lamp base of your choosing (I used a slab cut from a log)
Piece of scrap wood for your base
Piece of suede or fabric with a pattern of your choosing
Staple gun or tacks
Small rope
Copper pipe
Pipe Cutter
Lamp Kit
30" Lamp Pipe (Picked mine up at Lowe's with the Lamp Kit)
Crayola Model Magic (Arts and Crafts store)
Lamp shade
Hot glue gun
Utility Knife
Wood Stain
Set of Antlers
Eunix3 months ago
Beautiful lamp!
jarikcbol3 months ago
really good looking lamp!
Kara_Aloha3 months ago
So glad I have friends who hunt. :D
jessyratfink3 months ago
That's such a great looking lamp - the tracks on the shade look really nice too :D

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