Picture of DIY Aquarium Hood
I decided i didnt want to pay $50 to $100 bucks for an aquarium hood for my new fish tank. So  i built one out of scraps i had laying around. Its made from black gutter and an old fluorescent light i had from a previous project. Tada its done.
cortes961 year ago
Try putting foil or something reflective on the gutter part
jlyvers7433 years ago
That makes such perfect sense! I have been agonizing over needing a hood and not having the "extra" cash to spend on a 50-100 hood, like you said. Well your idea is perfect and safe! Safety was my biggest concern. I didnt want to try and wire a light system over water. Your solution is wonderful! Thnk you for posting this!!
CrazyGlue (author)  jlyvers7433 years ago
Glad you found it useful :)
Great idea!
CrazyGlue (author)  SelkeyMoonbeam3 years ago
Browncoat3 years ago
Not sure if they would count this for the Water Challenge, but you could ask/try.