The office had lots of scrap/used A4-sized papers lying around. I decided to save them from the shredder and make a cheap and easy archery target out of these. The idea is to stack them up and compress them, enough to stop your arrows.

A3-sized papers would be better, you can make a bigger target from those. But since A4 is widely used in the office, i don't need to be choosy... since it's free anyway. ;)

So here goes...

Step 1: Materials

1. lots of A4-sized papers. stack them up until they're tall enough to equal the length of an A3-sized paper (two A4s makes one A3).

2. old ring binders/file folders (or a strong, thick cardboard)

3. cutter

4. cutting mat (optional)

5. rubber cement

6. cloth from old t-shirt of whatever you could find

7. 2-inch duct tape or filament tape (those with fibers)

8. 2-inch packing tape (the strong, clear types are preferred)

9. metal ruler or anything straight that would serve as a cutting guide

10. straw or any flat rope

11. old paint brush
<p>lol... nice!!! </p>
<p>i wonder if insulation foam would work</p>
i believe it would, however i am concerned about how heavy the arrow would hit it. if you could stack up a lot or maybe place a more denser material either at the front or back for a more effective stopping power.
Couldn't you just use sheets of styrofoam? Easier to paint and more durable. :) It would also be more eco friendly, since you only use 1-10 sheets of foam, depending on thickness. You can also shoot sharp points into foam without blunting. (As far as I know)
styrofoam's okay, but i think it won't last long. also it's gonna be a bit messy too... with fragments being blown around. :)<br>
How much Paper did that take?Litterly
hi Tim.<br><br>roughly about 8 reams, so that's 500 sheets x 8 = 4,000 sheets.<br><br>wow... i didn't know that. never did pay attention on how many i've used. glad you asked!
This is really cool
thank you!
instead of using all that paper why don't you just use a couple of old phonebooks?
hi.<br><br>i actually have a version of that here:<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Archery-Target-used-A4-sized-papers/step10/Alternatives-and-finale/<br><br>however, scrap A4 paper is more available than old phone books and there's an endless supply from the office. i've already made 4 from A4 papers against 1 using old phone books. :)
I think I'm going to try this, but I'm just going to strap it down and maybe use some duct tape.
nice. please let us know of the results. <br> <br>i thought i needed to strap it down too, but it's really solid and the weight alone prevents it from flinching no matter how you shoot it. ;)
Simple idea, yet ingenious.<br><br>However, definitely only an archery target for target tips. Paper and cardboard are murder on any sharp edges (knives, axes, barbed arrow tips).
Why would you use razor tips for target shooting?
If you are a hunter, you would want to try shooting at least one of your broadheads for practice. Broadheads can make an arrow fly differently than a field point. You need to know if there is any difference in point of impact for when the shot counts.
Quite right, you wouldn't for target archery.
i just stuff newspapers and magazines in a box
I have phone books in a box and sometimes I shoot right through them, but I'm shooting them page on not sideways like here. I have to give this method a try. Thing looks terribly heavy though.
yes heavy... but really stable. ;) <br> <br>it's like shooting a brick wall.
Good idea. This is a good use for all that old books nobody reads!
yeah... i'm actually itching to DIY my brother's old med books here. but they're a bit small.
Ja, ja! "Fahrenheit 451"?
Shoot Fahrenheit 451?
personally I prefer to use pages of Fahrenheit 451 as firestarter
Well, I think like you, that the book has an undeserved reputation.
uh.... sorry, english please? :)
Pardon, I speak Spanish, then some errors occurs. You can obtain response at <a rel="nofollow" href="http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fahrenheit_451">http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fahrenheit_451</a><br/>
&nbsp;i have to read farenheit 451 for school later this year...
i just use a picture of mccain
nice... lol what about bush...<br />
great idea!
thank you!
this is great for compounders though the size is not so great for recurvers like me great instructable
many thanks! uh... yeah, i think i'd agree. but you could do corrugated boxes using a stronger compression method like threaded bars.
i would have tried this but me and my dad built one not too long ago
thanks guys!
simple, functional, recycling at its finest! great instructable.
Great job!

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