DIY Arduino Based Automatic Wire Cutting Machine





Introduction: DIY Arduino Based Automatic Wire Cutting Machine

This is arduino based automatic wire cutting machine

Step 1: Video

Hello friends

I have made a Automatic wire cutting machine using Arduino nano controller board.

based on this original design by

Must Love Science

Basically there are 3 process level of this machine like

1) first process is Input

Input like wire length and wire quantity provided by pressing push button also the real time data can read on 16 X 2 LCD

on more professional note i prefer to use custom made PCB instead of using bread board or zero PCB

also if 10 PCB's are available in only 2$ so why not to use then for projects

WWW.JLCPCB.COM is the place where you can get 10 PCB in just 2$ along with first shipping free consider to visit for more detail

2) Processing

all the inputs were processed by arduino nano and give command to stepper motor to feed required length of wire and instruct to servo to make cut of required quantity.

3) Output

Stepper motor, servo motor & cutter are the final output component

Step 2: Material Required

followings are the material required

arduino nano :-

stepper motor :-

motor driver :-

16 x 2 LCD :-

servo motor :-

cutter :-

PCB terminal :-

push buttons :-

Step 3: PCB Design

I have prepare PCB layout in fritzing software

then Designe a PCB and export its gerber file

This gerber file uploaded to to order the PCB

as soon as you recived PCB

you need to solder some female header pins to mount arduino nano, LCD display & A4988 driver

also solder the PCB terminal to connect power supply to the PCB and to connect stepper motor to PCB

here I attached the editable PLC layout file so if you can do any modification required.

Step 4: Procedure

So as soon as all the components are available

you can start assembly the machine.

for the base of the machine I used 3MM thick white acrylic sheet

I drill some hole on sheet to mount PCB, Stepper motor with extruder set, cutter & servo motor

for better idea please watch video it will give a idea how to mount those components on sheet

all the components are tightly mount on the sheet

now we can move to program our arduino

Step 5: Arduino Program

upload the code to the arduino

now connect the 12V DC at terminal of PCB this is for stepper motor

and connect USB to arduino nano this will feed power to arduino itself and servo motor

now machine is ready to perform

you need to press those push buttons to navigate between screen and to select desire data

hope you will like my this project

also please subscribe to our youtube channel for more projects



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Sandeep, Are there not any Export Import Restrictions from the Govt, when ordering PCB from overseas ?
Is the approval from the Govt required for clearing the customs or any such formality as the product is at the Indian shores ? Just curious.


Sandeep, Your video "Electrical Overview.mp4" does not download ? It fails - Please check.

Sandeep, Nice Video. What is the product at 1:36 in the video ?
I did not see in the Bill of Materials that you prepared.
It is the one with the Blue and Golden collar where the wire got pulled ?
I enjoyed all of your videos and trying some of your experiments on mine too.
Good Work and Good Luck.
Very Innovative.

Could you post correct Amazon Links? They arent working in the case of stepper motor and motor driver..

off course I'll mention you credit and links

I think it would missed by our team

Thanks! I really appreciate it.

I love the build by the way. It looks great!

Awsom Machine!