How to make a Game Show Buttons using Arduino, cheap and easy, for unlimited fun!!

Step 1: Parts

  • 3 Led (any colour)
  • 3 10kΩ resistors
  • 3 buttons
  • Arduino
  • Breadboard
  • Jumper Wires

Step 2: Wire Up

Wire up the circuit like the schematic.

Step 3: Code Time!!

Upload the code.You can add more players just by copying one part and pasting it down of the others with changed the inputs and outputs.

Step 4: Finish!!!

Have fun with your Game Show Buttons.The faster player wins!! Hope you enjoyed the project!

<p>the code seems to be randomized that you have included</p>
<p>Can you update the link to wiring the player buttons? I have had no luck with the link provided.</p>
<p>See if this works for you </p><p>https://cdn.instructables.com/FT0/DQG5/IJ1PMIY7/FT0DQG5IJ1PMIY7.MEDIUM.jpg</p>
<p>You don't show how the buttons get wired in. Are you able to add that in?</p>
<p>This is how its done </p><p>https://cdn.instructables.com/FT0/DQG5/IJ1PMIY7/FT0DQG5IJ1PMIY7.MEDIUM.jpg</p>
<p>can you do the same one but wireless?</p>
<p>Yes you can!! You can do it with a HC06 or a HC05! Its the same but i dont have all the materials to do it :-(.</p>
<p>but do i need just those bluetooth's connected to the button or other arduinos?</p>
<p>Not at all! I just said them because there are the most known.You can use other bluetooth modules or even and wifi modules!!</p>
Nice project<br>The case shown in the first picture<br>is it 3d printed, if yes can you pls<br>upload the files
<p>It's not mine but it could be a great project!!</p>
<p>Very professional looking! How much did the materials cost?</p><p>Have a great day! :-)</p>
<p>I had all the materials but if you buy them they cost:</p><p>Breadboard:4,99&euro;</p><p>3 Leds:0.30&euro;</p><p>Jumper wires:0,80&euro;</p><p>3 buttons:0,21&euro;</p><p>3 resistors:0,03&euro;</p><p>And if you buy a arduino it depends.You can find one for only 5&euro;!!</p>

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