In this instructables guide I will show you how to make your own Arduino LED Matrix display!

Main Features:

  • Time
  • Day of the week
  • Date
  • Temperature and Humidity
  • Ticker Text
  • Adjustable brightness level
  • Bluetooth communication

Can be controlled from your Android phone or Windows computer!

Watch it in action:

Official project page and future updates can be found here: http://www.ardumotive.com/ledmatrixen.html

Let's get started!!!

Step 1: What You Will Need - Hardware

For this project you will need:

For the case-box you will need:

Use black - transparent plexiglass, 3mm thickness:

  • 2pcs 33x4 cm
  • 2pcs 33x6 cm
  • 2pcs 6.6x4.6 cm (left and right)

Optional, if you have a 3d printer you can print the left and right side (attached .stl files).

Step 2: The Circuit


8x8 MAX7219 LED Matrix Display module:

  • Vcc - 5VGND - GND
  • DIN -From the last one to Arduino pin 10
  • CLK - Arduino Pin 13
  • CS - Arduino Pin 11
  • DOUT - to previous DIN as the schematic


  • Vcc - 5V
  • Data - Arduino pin 9
  • ---
  • GND - GND


  • Vcc - 5V
  • GND - GND
  • RX - Arduino Pin 3
  • TX - Arduino Pin 4

RTC DS1307 Module

  • Vcc - 5V
  • SDA - Arduino pin A4
  • SCL - Arduino pin A5


  • As the schematic, to Arduino pin A0

Step 3: The Code

Download the code from here and open it with Arduino IDE. Inside you will also find all necessary libraries.

Step 4: Software and Configuration Protocol

From here you can download the software for windows os.

The application for Android devices will be soon available.

If you want you can make your own application, or make an app for a different operation system.

Bellow you will find the protocol that we are using.

Configuration protocol:

For time and date send: HH:MM:SS dd/mm/yyyy>

For ticker text send: Your Text Here>

For brightness level send: Auto> or value> (value from 1 to 16)

Step 5: Android Application

Download it from Android PlayStore

Features of current version:
-Update time and date with your device clock

-Update brightness level

-16 available levels (set to 0 for automatic adjustment)

-Change the ticker (scrolling) text (set to blank to deactivate it)

How to use it:

Turn on Bluetooth and pair your display. The default name of the Bluetooth module is "HC-06" or "HC-05" and usually the password is "1234". Now open the application, press the "Load Paired Devices" button and select your BT module. (see also the video)

Note: If you can't establish a connection with your LED Matrix Display, just restart it.

If you have any problem with this application just send me an email.

For android ver. >4.4, screen size >4.5"

Step 6: Well Done!

That's it!

I hope you liked this, let me know in the comments!

I would also like to see some photos with your new Arduino LED Matrix display!

<p>Good afternoon I do the project But I had a problem is that when I sent the program IN SOME occasions I'm turned off Some of the matrices is as if I stopped communicating between them and I have to resend the program, sometimes they leave How to unconfigure the letters in the arrays What could be what causes this thank you.</p>
<p>Hi! I just upload an updated code, also check your power supply, I am using 5V-3A.</p>
<p>Hello how are you where can i find the code updated thanks?</p>
<p>Download it from step 3.</p>
<p>Fantastico, just what I was looking for, thank you, I'm going to get on with it, publish the results, greetings</p>
<p>Hey! Did you make it?</p>
<p>Hello friend, as you see in the photo I'm working, when I have mounted upload photos. Thanks for the app !!!</p>
<p>By the way, the resistance of the photocell is 10k?</p>
<p>Yes! 10k!</p>
<p>Thanks alot Ardumotive_com for your respon for my problem....</p><p>It's done and working, now i have to make a case for it..</p><p>Thank You very much</p>
<p>Android app now available for download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bt.mivas.ardumotiveledmatrix</p>
<p>i already do it this project, i use max7219 smd board with 3mm 8x8 matrix</p><p>it's already done, but i confuse with the matrix... </p><p>the matrix is flipped or rotate 90 degree,</p><p>how can i fix it??</p><p>i already soldered between board and board...</p><p>anyone can help with this problem...</p><p>sorry if my english is bad... :)</p>
<p>Great! </p><p>Don't worry, at the setup, below the line 59</p><p> matrix.setPosition(9, 0, 0); // And the last display is at &lt;3, 0&gt;</p><p>Enter the following:</p><p>matrix.setRotation(0, 1);</p><p>matrix.setRotation(1, 1);</p><p>matrix.setRotation(2, 1);</p><p>matrix.setRotation(3, 1);</p><p>matrix.setRotation(4, 1);</p><p>matrix.setRotation(5, 1);</p><p>matrix.setRotation(6, 1);</p><p>matrix.setRotation(7, 1);</p><p>matrix.setRotation(8, 1);</p><p>matrix.setRotation(9, 1);</p><p>Rotation (the second tag) can be:</p><p> * 0: no rotation</p><p> * 1: 90 degrees clockwise</p><p> * 2: 180 degrees</p><p> * 3: 90 degrees counter clockwise</p><p>Good job!</p>

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