DIY Arduino Mega 2560 or 1280

So this is my first instructables.... Let's try this!

*original can be found here:*

Here's the story: I was working on this frustrating Arduino project, and I decided to take a break. I went away to watch a little Star Trek and drink some water.
When I came back, my Arduino Mega was hot: really hot.

The Arduino was not responding to the IDE. The only way I could program it was by using the USBtiny ISP.
That pretty much ruins the purpose of an arduino board, so I brought out the solder pot, desoldered the whole board, salvaging as many parts as I could.
Since the ATmega 2560 was not damaged, I decided to put it back to use:
The following is the process of how to...
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Step 1: Make your own Arduino Mega

You think it's hard to solder SMD? Think again. This was my first time soldering SMD chips with 0.5mm pitch (in other words, REALLY SMALL).

Parts needed:
- ATMega1280 or 2560 Microcontroller (I recommend the ATMega1280, so you can use Arduino IDE to program)
- TQFP100, 0.5mm pitch to DIP adapter
- Momentary push button
- 6 headers (for ISP)
- lots of wires
- flux
- Perfboard
- 16 MHZ crystal (if you salvaged chip from Arduino Mega)
- OPTIONAL but recommended - double sided tape
- OPTIONAL - 330 - 470 ohm resistors *2
- OPTIONAL - 5 more headers for FTDI Serial communication
- OPTIONAL - nuts and bolts

Step 3: Placement

Place the chip on! Please note the index corner on the chip to align it correctly. Make sure that the leads on the chip and the board line up REALLY well. The must be aligned.
carlos66ba7 months ago
Nicely done. But why didn't you simply change the burned part rather than toss everything out?
TSJWang (author)  carlos66ba7 months ago
Hi Carlos,

I actually tried to identify the burned part. After I replaced the resistor, something else was heating up.
I decided that it wasn't worth the hassle to replace every single part in that part of the board.
So I desoldered every part, kept them (for the future), kept the un-populated board as a memoir, and made this!

Good suggestion though. I wish I knew what was burnt!
Thanks for the reply! Your set-up looks nice, I dread soldering surface mount components :) (too small to see!)
rpotts25 months ago
OMG! Thank you! I didnt think it could be done!
TSJWang (author)  rpotts25 months ago
Raphango7 months ago
Great idea! You can always salvage something! ;D
TSJWang (author) 7 months ago
So, Now I am going to attempt to make another Arduino with the ATMega 8 chip on that burnt out Arduino Mega 2560.
Wish me luck in soldering QFN chips!

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