DIY Arduino Nano





Introduction: DIY Arduino Nano

How to make an Arduino Nano with a Attiny 85.

Step 1: PCB

Shape your design to the PCB. I used 6cm by 2 cm.

Step 2: Cut the PCB

I used Dremel but you can use whatever you want. Make sure to rub it well, so it will take a good shape


Step 3: Parts

See the parts in the image!

Step 4: Solder the Socket and the Power Suply

Step 5: Finish Soldering

Solder power to the Attiny and the pins however you like.

Step 6: Finish Soldering Part 2

Solder the 3rd Capacitor Between Reset and Ground(on you diy arduino)

Step 7: Finished!!!

You can see how my turned out. Hope you like it and enjoy it. See at videos how to program it.See the fotos for more info.



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    Is it possible to use the Attiny45 as well?

    1 reply

    yes, you can use Attiny as well!

    Well... yes you have!

    It's just a fancy name!!

    He might be referring to the fact that it has an attiny chip, rather than the nano's mega328p. I'm guessing it'll also need a serial to ttl/other to program it. Nano in size, but you can see where the title could be confusing.
    Cool attiny board though, and great instructable.

    This is cool. Thanks for sharing!