This is a project that will take the temperature using the TMP36 IC temperature sensor and a Arduino board. This data will be send over serial to the Raspberry Piboard editing a web page that the Raspberry Pi is hosting itself. For this project you will need these components :

  • Arduino board
  • Raspberry Pi 2 board
  • TMP36 temperature sensor (or any other analog IC temperature sensor)
  • Half-Sized breadboard for testing
  • Wireless keyboard & dongle
  • Wireless mouse & dongle
  • Pliers
  • 3 long jumper wires
  • 2 micro USB cables
  • USB power brick
  • 8 GB or large micro-SD card and adapter
  • Cordless soldering iron (or a wired is fine but it is easier to do it with a cordless one)
  • Solder
  • Thin wire
  • 3 male headers
  • A laptop or desktop PC or Mac
  • Ethernet wire or Wi-Fi dongle
  • HDMI wire
  • HDMI capable TV or Monitor

And this software:

  • Raspbian Wheezy(Download on laptop burn to SD card and insert into the Raspberry Pi )
  • Apache2 server(Raspberry Pi)
  • FTP server(Raspberry Pi)
  • ApplePi-Baker or win32-disk imager (on laptop)
  • Arduino IDE (Raspberry Pi)

Step 1: Set-up the Raspberry Pi

First of all connect all the peripherals to the RPi and power it on. On the screen you should be promoted to sign in, so for the User Name use 'pi' and password 'raspberry'. Once you're logged in type in 'startx' to get into the Graphical User Interface or GUI. Open the Terminal by clicking on the monitor icon on the top left of the screen. Type in 'sudo apt-get update && upgrade' and then 'sudo apt-get install arduino' to install the Arduino IDE. Next follow this great video by Tinkernaut to setup the web server. Just a comment if you are on a Mac or a Linux PC you don't need to ssh using putty just open a terminal window and write 'ssh user@ipadress' and you should be in.

<p>Hi lukasC i have question can raspberry send command to arduino&gt;?<br><br>i have project to controlling motor servo using arduino and raspberry<br><br>So <br>Motor servo ---&gt;&gt;Arduino---&gt;&gt;&gt;Raspberry <br>using serial communication<br>hope get some tutorial </p>
<p>I love the combination of Python and the Arduino. So I have created a collection about it. I have added your instructable, you can see the collection at: &gt;&gt; <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-and-Python-and-perhaps-a-Rasberry-Pi/"> https://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-and-Pytho...</a></p>
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