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Introduction: DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

Atmospheric Water Generator

I can't drink the water supplied from our city,  and the atmospheric Water generators out there cost more than many can afford.  So I made one for a little over $300.  That is one sixth the price of a lowest costing unit sold online.

1 - New Dehumidifier (this brand is Kolin) $225
1 - New Extreme Water Filter system (hardware or Home shops) $125 in the US.
1 - 32" piece of clear vinyl tubing (found at Aquarium shops) $3
1 - Servo Voltage Regulator (in case of power fluctuations) $75
2 - 4"X9" 3M scrubber pads $2
1 - Zip tie 10cents

3/4 inch drill with a 1/2 inch drill bit
Philip Screwdriver

1) Remove all covers to your new dehumidifier. Rinse inside out thoroughly with garden hose don't use high pressure it will damage condenser flanges. dry completely before using.
2) Remove knock out for hose on back cover
3) Run clear vinyl tube through knock out and attach to hose connector inside the Dehumidifier (this will by pass the
internal one gallon reservoir )
4) Cut the 3M scrubber pads to fit air filter holder on front of machine for air filter (original filter does not trap a lot
of dust) attach filter holder to front panel.
5) Wash water filter Unit and filter before use. This unit has a 1 micron ceramic filter in top and a five stage filter in
the bottom.
6) Drill hole in top of filter unit and run vinyl tubing into the filter. Be sure not to crimp hose. Place top on filter
7) Plug unit into servo regulator and you are ready to make water from the air.

Turn on machine run for 6-8 hours depending on humidity levels to fill upper filter area.
Allow water to filter into the lower storage area.
Water comes out Neutral at 6.0 pH after filters it will be around 7.4-8.0 depending on what type of mineralization filters you used



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    2 Questions


    Should we keep the dehumidifier inside the house.
    Here I got a atmospheric water extraction machine and they have installed outside the house.
    Please do clarify my doubt.


    I will be posting a new Instructable with a video when I put together a new machine that will have all the parts bought and is built here in the US. This will be complete with prices for working it off grid (no electric) using a solar system.

    In the Philippines, where I built the one in this Instructable, we had only bars in the window and the machine was up in the window and the filter system below.

    Yes, you can put the dehumidifier outside but keep it shaded, protected from animals, and you will need to clean the filters more often. But I suggest that you keep your water filter indoors where it is cooler and less likely to allow dust and bacteria to get into your water holding tank. Remember you can make water from 30% to 100% humidity.

    Also, don't leave it out unattended because people do steal things.



    Hi, I am from India.
    Like to know any type of humidifier will work for this.
    Where is the video you have uploaded. I can view only the pictures


    would you mind sharing your current brand/capacity of dehumidifier? I'm thinking of the 30 pint Frigidaire (I'll be running it from a 350w solar setup). THX!!

    I have a New Instructable with all the prices and additional items needed to run off grid.

    Hey Mike, remember to consider the wattage from the dehumidifier and it's pints of water output i.e 3.75 gallons if your unit says 30 pints per day. If that is enough for you to drink then that is fine but the average family of 3 drinks will drink and cook with that amount a day easy.

    Any new one works just remember to use the Stephani type ceramic filter and Bereky PF-4 heavy metals filter.

    Hi Everyone, since I uploaded my DYI Atmospheric Water Generator instructable I have moved from the Philippines where this was produced. I am preparing to do another one from the States. This time not just with Photo's but with a video as well. (editing the video will take time) and I am almost ready as I need only to pick up a few more pieces needed to produce it. And yes if you buy a 250 water Solar panel with 450 watt/750 watt max (depending on min and max wattage of your dehumidifier) power inverter from 12v to 110 you can run it off a battery.

    Hi. How many litres or gallons on average do you pull out of the air per day?

    I can get about twelve gallons in a 24 hour period at 100% humidity. I usually only need to run it for about 5 to 6 hours to get enough for me alone to drink for three to four days. I usually run it after midnight but before peak hours pick up in the morning. between 12 and 5 am yield better power and great humidity.

    can a small house have a water system that gets its source from an atompheric water generator?

    Any home where there is electricity and medium to high humidity

    If you all want to buy a unit for $800 plus shipping Ecoblue has lowered the price of the base unit. this used to cost around $2000 so they have come down a lot, it will produce only 8 gallons a day with an ambient humidity of at least 50%.

    It is basically a dehumidifier with a filter system, a refrigerant cooling system and 5 gallon collection bucket.

    that is just for those who can afford the $800 plus shipping for all others follow this instructable and you can have your own for less than that, store water n glass bottles not plastic and it will last longer, no spoilage or moss/algae growth.