Picture of DIY Audio Mixer
You don’t need to buy an expensive mixer to mix your sounds. This graphite mixer requires only a pencil, a sheet of paper, and a few wires!

(and two iPads if you're so inclined...)

Step 1: Parts List

Parts You’ll Need:
-Audio sources (whatever it is you want to mix)
-Alligator clips
-1/8” Audio cables
-Speaker or headphones
-Regular graphite pencil
-Electrical tape (optional, but recommended)
-1 or 2 y-split cables (optional, for stereo)
tayatxx3 years ago
Hey, Im a girl in Dubai and I find this really awesome as I LOVE MUSIC and I would like to use it in my technology fair this year, are there any tips or tricks you can tell me that you didnt say on the page?
Thanks x
NYU_MusicTechnology (author)  tayatxx2 years ago
sorry for the delay, were you able to use this in your technology fair?
jabujavi3 years ago
NYU_MusicTechnology (author)  jabujavi3 years ago
We're working on a video now. Should be up shortly!
nanosec123 years ago
I love it !!!

What a simple and easily done way to mix your audio

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rimar20003 years ago
Very interesting!
Cool proof of concept! I can't see how this would be useful in any practical circumstances, but it's definitely an interesting idea. I didn't know that graphite was conductive!