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Y-Splitter, Ground Wire, cropped.jpg
The end of the cable that you plug into your device will be used to mix. If you want to mix stereo, use y-splitters to get two outputs from each device and make sure your loop file contains two loops, one hard-panned right and the other left. This is good if you have a limited amount of sound sources. You can use two iPods to control four sounds.

Connect an alligator clip to the end of your mixer. Connect the other end of the clip to the tip of the audio cable connected to the speaker (or the tip of your headphone’s audio jack).

Connect the sleeve of the speaker cable to the ground of your mixing cables. In our example, these are the y-split cables.

You must also make sure all mixing cables share common ground. Do this by connecting the sleeves of each cable with a wire. It is recommended that you secure bulky cables in place with tape, otherwise they could fall and rip apart your connections. Secure the connection with electrical tape. Plug the 1/8” end of your y-splitters (or whichever cable you are using) into your device.
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