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I've made an HiFi Audio Switch by myself. I've created the Alu-Plates with a CAD-Software and they where produced by a CNC-Company. I have assembled everything at home.

I haven't gone the cheap way, it was the way with best Quality of optical and technical Specs. There was nothing to buy with this Quality.

I have done ist because i had Loudspeakers from Nubert with a ATM Tuning-Module which must be connected between the Signal and the Amplifier and my Amplifier had no PreOut and MainIn.

Step 1: The Building of the Switch in Pictures.

Picture of The Building of the Switch in Pictures.

Pictures are telling more than 1.000 words.

Step 2: Switch Is Selled a Few Month Ago.

Now i have selled the Switch, i bought a new Amplifier and build in a MainOut which wasn't there from Factory.


elbeweg (author)2017-11-08


elbeweg (author)2017-01-23

This was an Project from 2009. The actual Projects are better described.

Reboot333 (author)elbeweg2017-11-07

Could you please provide a parts list? At least the make and model of the switch that you used?


elbeweg (author)Reboot3332017-11-08

Ok, the parts are from

This ist the Switch, the Rest see enclosed Picture.

Swansong (author)2017-01-23

It looks good :) If you add some written instructions and break the photos down into steps it will receive more attention from the community and be able to be featured on the site.

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Bio: I'm a Technology-Freak from Germany. Hobbys are HiFi, Computers and my little Workshop. Actually my Projects are Raspberry-based.
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