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Introduction: DIY Automatic Mini Whisk

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You obviously have a big whisk, which you use for stirring things. But imagine a situation, when sugar needs to be dissolved in a cup of coffee. No way is your whisk going to fit in there. Also, you have that cordless drill winking at you.

The solution?

The Automatic Mini Whisk, or the AutoMiW.

You could buy one, but you are already on instructables, and we love DIY.

The ordinary big whisk COULD be made automatic, and cordless in this way, but you could do that on your own.

Let me not digress.

Step 1: What Ye Need.

For this simple instructable, you will need -

1.) A cordless drill. (You could use the one with the cord, but then what is the point?)

2.) Paperclips. (The more durable the better.)

3.) Clear Plastic Tape, and Scissors.

4.) Some kind of a thin rod. (Or you could hack a coat hanger, by cutting a strip of metal from it.)

5.) Something to stir. (I used water.)

Let us start.

Step 2: Chassis

This is a reusable drilling module, meaning you can remove it, and plug it back in.

The metal rod will serve as the main body, and the paper-clip will be the end. Bend it according to the picture, extending the two overlapping layers. It should look similar to a double sided hook.

You could make the paper-clip all nice and regular, then you should place it at the end of the rod, holding the two together. Now, tape them at the end of the rod, make it nice and firm with several layers of tape.

Now, listen carefully, young one.

Step 3: Touch-up and Installation.

Okay, now watch the picture very closely.

Overlap the polygon shaped sides of the paper-clips, with tape. Make it like a hole-proof sheet. Just wrap around a layer or two of tape. That ought to do it.

Secure the end, and make it roughly perpendicular to the rod. Your module is ready.

You probably know how to install it, but here goes nothing. Open the opening at the end of the drill, put the rod through, and tighten it. It is installed.

You should probably test it like I did in the video.

There you have it. An Automatic Mini Whisk for cooking, Science and everything under the Sun.



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