Introduction: DIY Aux Input for Stock Car Head Unit

If you would like to play your phone or ipod (do they still make these) and other audio player and your head unit is old AF, then this is the solution that you're lookin for bub.

Step 1: Uninstall Your Head Unit (It Depends on the Car Make and Manufacturer So Google Is Your Friend Here...

Tools needed...

1. Soldering Iron / Gun

2. Solder (Gee... What could this be for?)

3. Wires

4. Audio Jacks (Male or female / It's up to you)

5. Electrical tape

6. Patience

7. Go get 'em attitude

1. Take the Head Unit off the vehicle

Step 2: Soldering the Audio Wire

1. look for the pre-amp pinout... or look for the following labels on the PCB

- R Ch

- L Ch

- Ground

Step 3: Test It Before You Make Permanent Steps

Step 4: Reassemble and Enjoy

Step 5: Enjoy the Result (better Than a Crappy FM Modulator)


Swansong made it!(author)2016-10-14

Thanks for sharing :)

NeonB3 made it!(author)2016-11-02

youre welcome

riocruz made it!(author)2016-10-15

got a unit like this. yes its old AF :)

NeonB3 made it!(author)2016-11-02

Yes it the stock unit has aged quite well... on a plus side, i can hook up an audio player on my car without spendin a dime or two. :)

NeonB3 made it!(author)2016-10-13

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