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I did this in under 20 bucks and it was everyone's favorite at the Halloween party I attended!

What you will need for make up/body paint:
Black eyeshadow
Light Blue Eye Shadow (or face paint)
Dark Blue Eye Shadow (or face paint)
White face cream
Large amounts of blue body paint (this will be the most expensive part)

What you will need for the costume:
Brown leggings or bikini bottom (any brown bottoms you have already will do)
Brown tshirt/tanktop/bikini top/fabric even.
Chunk Necklaces/Bracelets
Waist length black wigs


cover your face and neck with the light blue face paint. get it as close to your eyes and lips as possible. Remember to go over your eyebrows.

Get a cutip and take the black eye shadow and draw a line straight from the inner edge of your eyebrows to the inner corner of  your eye to the edge of your outer nostril (see pictures for example). The bolder and darker the line, the better. Trust me. This is what makes your nose big and flat (mine is actually thin and pointy!). Blend the black out towards your cheeks about an inch and a half. Just rub with your finger lightly to blend in. Don't forget to add black on your inner eyelid (about half of it) and up to your eyebrow. You want the line from your nose to your eyebrow.

Add black to the whole underside of your nose. Just the bottom part where your nostrils are. Also put a line of black from your nose to your lips, in the center like a kitty. You can make your lips black if you want too :)

Take your white and cover it all over your nose. If it looks too white, add a little light blue to it. Now, this is where the nose illusion really happens. Put white all the way to the black lines, which means the sides of your nose as well as the top. You also want to get the part in between your eyebrows white, and the creases from your eye to your nose (see picture).

Add dark blue lines all over! You can make them unique. Think zebra stripes. Avoid your nose though, to maintain the illusion.

Add white creme around your eyes (like eyeliner). Then add some tiny white spots all over your face :)

The face is all done now!
(I suggest practicing once before the party if you have the materials to do so)


cover the ENTIRE body in the blue body paint. You will need somebody to help you with this.

add stripes with the dark blue eye shadow or paint

add white spots :D



Make a brown shirt. I took a brown tank top and cut it so it was a belly shirt, then cut the sleeves off. Be creative.If you only have fabric, just cut a long, thick strip and wrap it around you and pin!

I bought brown leggings for 3 bucks at walmart and just cut them into tiny tiny shorts. You can wear anything brown on the bottom though.

Take your black wig and braid it. I left out a few chunks of hair and braided them in tiny sections to "style" it and make it look more exotic. (look at pictures)

ACCESSORIZE! Throw on whatever looks good to you! Wooden jewelry, ropes, hair things, feathers, you name it!

Have fun! ;)

Oh, warm soap, water, and baby oil, and a sponge really helps in getting all the paint off :)

if you have any questions, contact me please!


mvan leeuwen (author)2014-10-28

Looks good, i was the avatar last halloween eveyone loved it indeed.
I probely did spent more then 20 buck because i bought a bob marley wig that i took apart and bound again too look more like an avatar.
And some elve ears that i painted blue.
Still a cheap way too look awsome

Kaisei13 (author)2011-10-04

Looks awesome! Maybe you should switch the picture order so you can see the final result on the main picture.

scoochmaroo (author)2011-09-28

This would be really fantastic with some more step-by-step pictures!

sarich2009 (author)scoochmaroo2011-09-28

Thanks! I will try to get some up here when I have the time :) it is easier with visuals because the nose can be tricky to get.

l8nite (author)2011-09-24

Awesome look !

sarich2009 (author)l8nite2011-09-25

Thanks so much! I couldn't find a full body shot unfortunately :(

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