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For a year now I'm making a BB-8 Robot.

My first goal was to create a controlled robot then it will be automated.

The controller card is Raspberry Pi, program in Java. Raspberry controlled through bluetooth.

This project is under development so I will fill this 'instructable' over time. For more details on my actual work you can go on my blog site or follow the project on twitter.

Step 1:

Here you can see results of the BB-8 drone.


wnorman (author)2016-11-10

Nice I hope to read more on here took a look at your web site and saw this small point the linked web site is in French so you might want to fire up a translation web site

GeekCrafterGirlz432 (author)2016-11-10

You should have entered it in a contest

GeekCrafterGirlz432 (author)2016-11-10


fobi (author)2016-11-10

funny :)

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-11-09

Awesome! It would be so cool to make my own working BB8.

My final goal is to publish 3d parts, and you will be able to do this ;)

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