Introduction: DIY BIKE HACK DC BIKE GENERATOR LED Lights Light Emitting Diode

This video shows the power of permanent Magnet motors from DC used in reverse as a generator. The motor is geared so it spins a very high RPMs providing a usable DC current. The Exercise DIY bicycle can power a Recreation Vehicle RV Fan, DC air compressor, cordless drill, LED lights. Light Emitting Diode and Incandescent 50 Watt Light Bulbs. The purpose of the video is to demonstrate the inefficiencies of cordless drill motors and portable air compressors and to illustrate the efficiencies of better constructed motors and LED lights vs regular bulbs.


russ_hensel (author)2015-02-06

Just a note to let you know I have added this to the collection: Cordless Drills Hacking for Other Uses !


Take a look at a bunch of project involving odd uses of drills.

and for even more drill info


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