In this instructable I have made 3 bridal veils. Two were partially made from plastic packaging that came from a set of bowls. The other one was made from a beaded candle ring.  I wanted to use some old things to give people ideas of how they might include sentimental items from mom's and grandmother's in their bridal veils, such as old pearls and a doily.  I made one veil ankle length.

A simple bridal veil is fairly easy to make and it does not take very long.  A glue gun works magic and if there is any sewing to be done, you can hand sew it and still get good results.

Step 1: CANDLE RING BRIDAL VEIL and Supply List.

This is the most simple version of the three veils that I made.  It took me about an hour to put it together after I decided what to do with it.  Very simple.


You will need:

Candle ring 6 inch or the size that fits your head.

Glue gun and  low temp glue sticks.

Tulle the length you want and add 6 inches to have some extra to straighten the ends.


Needle and matching thread.



For the candle ring veil you will need to decide where to place the comb on the base and how long you want your tulle.  Add a few inches to that number to get your cutting length.

Glue the comb onto the base.
Cut the tulle the length you need.
Gather one end of the tulle with a thread and needle to fit half of the candle ring around.
Using low temperature setting on the glue gun, glue the gathered tulle around the base of the candle ring on the inside of the ring,
Beginning at the middle of one side and go half way around to the other side ( matching the sides.) You want the sides to match so glue carefully. Tulle is somewhat fragile.

You are finished! Pretty simple huh? 


The ruffled bridal veil was made from the plastic packaging from a bowl set.  It was also made with netting, tulle, silk flowers, comb, and old costume jewelry.

Ruffled Carnation veil supplies:

Netting the amount depends on your design. A simple one approx 3/4 yard.

Tulle comes on a roll several inches wide, that is what I used for this veil.  Figure double the size around that you need to allow for gathering.

5 Carnation flower tops approx 2 1/2 inches.

3 large white flower tops, approximately 4 inches.

3 Medium size flower tops approximately 1 1/2 inches.

1 Sprig of delicate flower stems.

1 24 inch fake pearl strand.

1 Comb.

1 Head piece base such as a semi flat circle measuring 6 inches.

1 Glue gun and several glue sticks (use low temp.) 


Make a pattern 2X the size of the base of your veil or circle.

I did not want the base of the veil to be flat, so I held the base in the shape that I wanted over the burner on low heat ( it was too hot! ) Try a blow dryer.  I think it would work better. The base did not shrivel too bad but it was too hot. Hold the blow dried base until it cools to keep the shape.

Using the pattern, mark your tulle with a dark marker and cut it out as accurately as you can.

Center the tulle on the circle -base) and glue into place as accurately as possible. Tulle is slippery.

Place the comb where it sits comfortably on your head.  Allow for a slant if you like that look.  Glue the comb to the veil base.

Mark center back of the veil.

Make a small knot in the pearl strand at one end.
Glue this knot on top of the base ( I glued mine slightly off center front.)  You should have 2 small strands of pearls hanging over the side.

Fold the tulle from the roll in half and hand sew or use the sewing matching and sew the raw edge keeping your presser foot even with the edge of the tulle.

Gather the tulle pulling the top thread from the part sewn.

Place the gathered tulle around the veil base beginning at the center back.  Place it along the edge and finishing up at the beginning where you started. Glue into place.

When placing the flowers I suggest you experiment placing them differently each time until you find a layout you like and then begin gluing them into place.

I would do the same thing with the netting. You may want to have the netting cover the eye or you may want to gather it here and there like I did.

Sew the netting beginning at the outside edge of the veil working to the center gathering as you sew.
Glue the gathered netting to the base securing it.

Get creative and have fun. 

Step 5: DOILY BRIDAL VEIL and Supply List

Here is the doily bridal veil.  It is made from plastic packaging from a set of bowls,  a doily, fake pearls, tulle, and silk flowers.

Supply list for Doily bridal veil:

Glue gun and low temp glue sticks. 

Head piece or base measuring 9 inches or as large as your head. 

Doily approximately 8 inches.


1 Draping silk flower.

3 large silk flower tops approximately 4 inches.

Delicate spray silk flower.

24 inch strand of fake pearls.

10 medium fake pearls.

1 Comb.



  • Glue the center of the doily to the center of the veil base.
  • Position the comb where you want the slant of the veil base and where it feels comfortable on your head.  
  • Glue the comb onto the base.


Measure the side of the base around to the other side of the base.
Cut an 8 inch piece of tulle several inches longer than half the base measurement around, to allow for a knot at each end.
Fold the tulle in half.
Knot each end.
Mark center sides of the base with a dark mark.
Glue the tulle knot to the base at each side.
Glue the remaining tulle to the rim edge of the base around to the other side to secure it. (This makes the front of the veil hang down to cover the eyes.)


Tie a small knot in the end of the pearls.
Beginning at the center back edge, mark slightly off center on one side.
Glue the knot to the base at your mark.
Continue gluing the pearls all the way around the veil base, ending at the knot.
Decide where you want the red swag.
Glue the red swag to the base so that one strand hangs over the side, and one end stands up like the picture.
Glue the large white flowers around the base top.
Glue the large loose pearls randomly on top of the doily.
Glue the small delicate spring of white flowers so it stands up.


Make several small tulle flowers to fill in.
To make tulle flowers cut 4 pieces of tulle 5 inches wide and 34 inches long.
Fold tulle in half and gather with a needle and thread.
To fold the flower: you loosely roll the ends until you have the shape of a flower measuring 4 inches across.
Pinch the bottom with your fingers and glue the pinched area to hold the shape.
Set the flowers aside until you do the next step.


To make the piece that hangs in the back, cut a piece of tulle 26 X 32 inches ( or what ever length you want) and lightly gather one end by sewing it.
Lay it on the base and pull the top thread gathering it until it fits the open area in the back between the red swag and the large white flower.
Glue the gathered part between the flowers along the inside edge.
Glue the tulle flowers over the tulle veil that hangs in the back to cover the unsightly areas. I used 2 flowers.


Your doily veil is finished!  
These veils are lovely, Sylvia. It really gets my creative juices flowing for the next wedding. Thank you!
Thanks for the comment! I loved the beaded veil the best. It was simple and elegant.
Those are just beautiful. I made my own wedding veil with silk flowers and netting, it was my favorite part of my outfit.
Thank you for your comment. I agree with you, making these veils were so much fun! So easy and inexpensive to make. I wanted to make a birdcage veil but I did not have time. Congrats on your wedding.

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