In this instructable I have made 3 bridal veils. Two were partially made from plastic packaging that came from a set of bowls. The other one was made from a beaded candle ring.  I wanted to use some old things to give people ideas of how they might include sentimental items from mom's and grandmother's in their bridal veils, such as old pearls and a doily.  I made one veil ankle length.

A simple bridal veil is fairly easy to make and it does not take very long.  A glue gun works magic and if there is any sewing to be done, you can hand sew it and still get good results.

Step 1: CANDLE RING BRIDAL VEIL and Supply List.

This is the most simple version of the three veils that I made.  It took me about an hour to put it together after I decided what to do with it.  Very simple.


You will need:

Candle ring 6 inch or the size that fits your head.

Glue gun and  low temp glue sticks.

Tulle the length you want and add 6 inches to have some extra to straighten the ends.


Needle and matching thread.


These veils are lovely, Sylvia. It really gets my creative juices flowing for the next wedding. Thank you!
Thanks for the comment! I loved the beaded veil the best. It was simple and elegant.
Those are just beautiful. I made my own wedding veil with silk flowers and netting, it was my favorite part of my outfit.
Thank you for your comment. I agree with you, making these veils were so much fun! So easy and inexpensive to make. I wanted to make a birdcage veil but I did not have time. Congrats on your wedding.

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