Picture of DIY Baby Bed

Once upon the time I decided to make the bed for my newborn son. At first I bought the mattress in local baby store (the part I am unable to make myself). The mattress size is 40 x 90 cm. (All sizes will be given in centimeters, you can always divide them by 2.54 to convert them into inches).

Also I bought a sheet of birch plywood (10mm thick) and three round birch rods (3cm in diameter) in local hardware store. Pine rods are too soft for this construction, use hard kind of wood like oak or beech to replace birch if you unable to find it. I used three rake handles for this.

The construction is pretty straightforward. It consists of 2 flat panels and 3 horizontal wooden rods. This construction carries the cradle made from fabric with plywood bottom.

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Step 1: Mockups and prototyping

Picture of Mockups and prototyping

You can see my mockups in attached photo. I used the cardboard to do full-size prototype. You can see some amount of different shapes drawn on cardboard which I choosed from. Finally you will find the shape which you are fine with. Actually flat rectangular board will do the job well, but I wanted to have some pleasure seeing it. So it is "cloudy".

Step 2: Cutting the plywood headboards

Picture of Cutting the plywood headboards

Nothing special, just take an electric saw (or use hand tool if you decided to use simple shape) and saw the previously drawn shape. The width of your bed headboard should be around 4cm wider than your mattress is. In my case it is 44cm, the height is 73cm.

Mark centers for holes (upper: 2 items, 40 cm between them, 61cm from floor, 1 item : at center, 21cm from the floor). Drill the holes. 7mm bit is good for this.

Take the sandpaper and a lot of patience and sand both boards. It is good if you have an electric sanding machne, but if you don't -- I tested it on myself, sanding is definitely possible but takes about 3 hours of your time :)

I decided to paint boards with acrylic paint for both beauty and wooden splinters avoidance.

IvanP29 months ago

А можно Ваш материал опубликовать на своем сайте?

russian_desman (author)  IvanP29 months ago

Публикуйте со ссылкой на первоисточник, не вопрос.

Видите ли я не очень дружу с Английским, да и он со мной тоже, поэтому перевод будет весьма вольным. А нет ли у Вас публикации на русском языке?

russian_desman (author)  IvanP29 months ago

Только на английском делал. Спрашивайте если что. В принципе ничего хитрого, по картинкам должно быть понятно.

Я понял, спасибо.

Kostan_Kettch11 months ago

О Русский! Отрада для глаз, на этом сайте :) Отличная кроватка, как выдастся случай, обязательно такую сделаю.

russian_desman (author)  Kostan_Kettch11 months ago

Спасибо! Я старался :)

ALEX_HOLAND12 months ago

Congratulations, really beautifull poryect, you can add some thermal foam to the rods in order to makeit more fat and soft.

I love it!

russian_desman (author)  ALEX_HOLAND12 months ago
Great idea! And these foam pipes are easily available. Thank you!
This is so adorable!
Thank you!
PaganRaven1 year ago

Beautiful! I wish I had something like this when my girls were babes! Or even for my 4 grandchildren! (who no longer need a crib : ( )

This would be great to make as a gift for anyone you know who are expecting a wee one! Love this. <3

russian_desman (author)  PaganRaven1 year ago
Thank you! It's very pleasant to hear.
seamster1 year ago

Interesting design--very clean and simple. I like it!

russian_desman (author)  seamster1 year ago

Thank you! I am trying to be as simple as possible, the same about my constructions.

livichris1 year ago
lovely crib. would have cost a lot if bought from a shop too. Well done.
russian_desman (author)  livichris1 year ago

Thank you! Hope my English does not scary you.

tofugami1 year ago
Beautiful. I liked that you even showed your prototype through using cardboard.
russian_desman (author)  tofugami1 year ago
Thank you! I like cardboard, it is easy to cut and strong enough to stay vertically -- ideal for full-size prototypes.