Introduction: DIY Baby Monster Pumpkin

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In this project, we will be making a baby monster pumpkin. This would make a perfect Halloween decoration! I hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Materials

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For this project you will need:

1.) A mini pumpkin.

2.) A sharp knife.

3.) A pen/marker (to draw your your pumpkin face).

4.) Fake plastic vampire teeth (the ones you can get at the dollar store).

5.) Fake blood gel.

6.) 2 pieces of candy corn.

7.) A few paper towels.

Step 2: Draw Your Pumpkin

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First, your going to simply just draw out your pumpkin face. (you might need to measure the teeth).

Step 3: Carving Your Pumpkin

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Next, you are going to carve your pumpkin. You might need measure your vampire teeth. (Be careful when you carve your pumpkin)

Step 4: Adding Eyes and Teeth

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Then you going to add your eyes and teeth. Before you put the eyes in, cut them in half to just the orange and white part. If you have a problem with the eyes staying in place, use a hot glue gun. If you do not have a hot glue gun, use super glue. Depending on the size of your mini pumpkin, you might have to cut the plastic hinge of the fake teeth in half, to make it easier to place the teeth.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

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You are done, unless you want to add some other stuff... What I have added was some of the fake blood gel around the mouth, on the teeth and under the eyes.

Step 6: Done!

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You are all done! I hope you have enjoyed this project. There is a video for this (not made by me). Check it out. Thanks for reading. This was not meant to be perfect.

Video (not made by me):


CalasaurusR made it! (author)2016-11-03

I loved the design, so I decided to make my own, Thanks!(Yours is awesome)

Thanks! Yours looks awesome too!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-09

Nice design. I love how the teeth look. You should try putting an small battery powered LED behind them and see how that looks.

Thank you! That's a great idea! I may try that idea...

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