Step 1:

You will need the thing in the picture

First what you want to do is cover a note book with colored paper then tear paper and lay them on the note book

Step 3:

Put glue all over the paper

Step 4:

Now start sticking the teared paper to the note book

Step 7:

Then put clear or white liquid glue and cover the note book DO NOT DAP the paint brush or make up sponge I used a make up sponge

Step 8:

Cut off the extra

Step 9:

I lt's easier to do this at night because it will be dry in the morning

Thank you for looking at this it's not my best Instructable but I like it very much anyways and I hope you did too and any questions please comment if you need help
<p>Good art journal decorating idea too.</p>
<p>Nice idea! Thanks for sharing this.</p>

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