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Everyone knows Barbie will never have enough fashion accessories. My daughter's Barbies love having new stuff.

It's ridiculous how expensive those tiny plastic things are. So today I'll teach you how you can have HUNDREDS of headbands for less than a dollar.

This is the perfect activity for a Barbie themed party, the girls can make and decorate their doll's headbands.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

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I'm sure you've seen this spring or slinky. Mabe you have some already ruined (those are perfect for this craft) I bought 8 for one dollar at the dollar store in the party section.

Nail polish

Embellishments (beads, ribbons, buttons, rhinestones)


Step 2: ​ Cut.

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With your scissors cut a piece of the spring. It should be almost a complete circle.

Step 3: ​ Paint

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If you want to have lots of different colours from the same slinky, just paint it with nail polish.

Step 4: ​ Decorate

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With the hot glue add the beads, ribbons, rhinestones...

I had a slinky with the shape of a star. That one looks cute as headband too, looks like a crown.

Do you like the store? I made it too, I'll be posting that instructable soon! Follow me so you don't miss it.

And visit my site where I have more DIYs!


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