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Introduction: DIY || Battery Lighter ||

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First step.. watch the video...

The circuit of Battery Lighter is very simple as you can see from schematic...

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Step 1: Needed Items and Tools

Needed Items

  • Two Batteries in parallel
  • One wire resistance
  • One Button
  • Wire
  • Screws & Nut

Needed Tools

  • Iron Soldering
  • Third Hand Soldering Solder Iron Stand
  • Wire Stripper
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue gun

Step 2: Steps

Photos and the video will help you.. so follow that steps..

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you could use a mosfet and a resistor to help with safety! :) or at least a mosfet

1 reply

and since you can't adjust the temperature I would use like kanthal wire so you don't get the nickel too hot and let off bad stuff

Very cool I am making it now. I have laptop batteries. I have taken apart full charge . will be perfect. Thank you so much. This is so helpful to me.

2 replies

I will thank you.

if you're not careful those batteries are going vent and go bang.

2 replies

True if battery is lithium like this video :


I'm sure this is a possible outcome, like when 2 9v batteries get stuck together. But the coil acts as resistance, doing the work before returning to the batteries. What are the chances of them shorting out in this setup? Would there be a better way to keep that from happening?


What kind and what size wire did you use?

2 replies

This wire is from Sesuar resistance like this : or this : http: // _from = R40 & _sacat ...

You can use thin wire and short with 3-4 coils, if you will use battery with low Voltage like me (3.3Volt). If you will use 3.3volt< battery you must make it with more coils... i hope help :)